Marvel's Avengers Official Gameplay Footage Is Finally Here

Marvel's Avengers Game Starting Roster

The first Marvel's Avengers gameplay footage is finally revealed at Gamescom 2019, as the original line-up of the team is shown battling against armed mercenaries in San Francisco.

Marvel's Avengers was announced in 2017 as The Avenger's Projectbut it was later renamed in 2019 and footage from the story was shown at E3Marvel's Avengers follows a version of the team that is similar to the one from the MCU, with a line-up consisting of Black Widow, Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor. The story involves an event known as "A-Day" when an accident results in a large portion of San Francisco being vaporized, leading to the death of Captain America. The team reunites several years later, as a mysterious new threat has emerged that can only be opposed by the Avengers.

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The first official gameplay footage of Marvel's Avengers was revealed during Gamescom 2019 and it shows the events of A-Day as told from the perspective of the Avengers. The new footage is now available on YouTube and it involves the tutorial section of the game, as the player takes control of each member of the team during the battle in San Francisco.

The Marvel's Avengers trailer shows off the different gameplay styles of each character. Thor leads the charge against the enemy and he is able to quickly dispose of enemies using Mjolnir, while also being able to call upon whirlwinds and thunderstorms to strike foes down. There is an on-rails segment where Iron Man pursues opponents wearing jetpacks before he lands to take on a group of soldiers. Iron Man and Thor can easily switch between walking and flying, but Iron Man's long-ranged weapons make it easier for him to engage foes while in the air.

Bruce Banner plunges into action and transforms into the Hulk, whose attacks have a wide area of effect, due to his long reach and his ability to grab foes and use them as weapons. Hulk might not be able to fly, but his strength allows him to leap huge bounds between different areas of the stage. The scene shifts to Captain America, who is fighting enemy soldiers aboard the helicarrier. Captain America is able to hide behind his shield in combat, while also being able to use it as a ranged weapon that can be reflected from foe to foe. The final gameplay footage shows a boss fight, as Black Widow takes on Taskmaster. Black Widow has a range of gadgets at her disposal, including an invisibility device and electric gauntlets, but she also isn't afraid to just pull out her guns and shoot enemies in the face.

The visuals of Marvel's Avengers are stunning and the character models are a marked improvement over the initial trailer (which was a result of fan feedback). The gameplay footage was exciting to behold and the way in which the game switched between each of the characters gave everything a cinematic feel. It's now a lot easier to be excited for when Marvel's Avengers is released in 2020.

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Source: Marvel Avengers/YouTube

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