Marvel's Avengers Game Devs Are Listening To Your Criticisms And Will Make Changes

Marvel's Avengers Captain America

Marvel's Avengers received its first major trailer at E3 2019, and although lots of the reaction was positive there were some issues that received a mixed reception. Now, the game's creators have confirmed that they are going to take the criticism very seriously and will make changes to the final product.

The new Avengers game was one of the most expected reveals of E3 2019, and at the end of Square Enix's presentation fans were treated to the new trailer and a release date drop for May 15, 2020. On top of that, further details about the game were revealed, such as confirmation that further playable content and characters will be released free over the course of the game's life, expanding the roster of playable Avengers. Even so, some viewers were not entirely happy, in part because of the character designs.

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It seems as though this feedback is going to be taken in to improve the game, though. In an interview with GameSpot, Marvel Games Vice President and Creative Director Bill Rosemann confirmed that changes are coming "We want to thank you for last night, for watching the trailer. Your energy was awesome! All the comments we're hearing, we're listening to them, we're sharing them, we're bringing them back to the studio, we're listening to you," said Rosemann.

Marvel's Avengers Black Widow and Hulk

This will no doubt come as welcome news for those who were underwhelmed by the initial trailer shown at the event. From a gameplay perspective it seems as though things are more positive, as shown by early gameplay previews that suggest similarities to both Spider-Man on PS4 and the Batman: Arkham games. Hopefully this means that visual tweaks will not be too strenuous with just under a year to go until launch, although more will be discovered via the game's PS4 beta.

Exactly how developer Crystal Dynamics goes about changing things is another matter entirely. Some critics want the character models to look as they do in the Avengers movie series, but not only could the rights issue prove difficult and expensive given the big names involved, but it would also require a complete recasting of the voice actors, which includes the likes of Laura Bailey and Troy Baker.

Instead, the game's developers may be tempted to go down the route of something standalone from the movies, but just as good. After all, Spider-Man on PS4 made the character design its own and fans were extremely receptive, so it's not as though a direct match with the MCU is automatically required. Whatever happens, hopefully the changes required now will not push the game into crunch territory.

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