Marvel’s Avengers Game Collector’s Edition Includes Collectibles For Each Main Hero

Marvel's Avengers Team Cover

The details regarding the collector's edition of Marvel's Avengers have been revealed at New York Comic Con, as the items that will come bundled with the game were shown during a panel. Marvel's Avengers is an upcoming action-adventure game that is set in a different continuity from the MCU but uses a similar version of the team from The Avengers

Marvel's Avengers is set in a world where the team is forced to disband following the events of an incident known as A-Day, when a terrorist attack on the helicarrier led to San Francisco being devastated. The most recent trailer for the game revealed that Kamala Khan would be part of the Avengers and that the story would be focused on her efforts to reform the team following A-Day. The playable characters in Marvel's Avengers include Black Widow, Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, and Thor, with each character having their own unlockable costumes and skills.

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Marvel's Avengers is receiving a collector's edition that will come bundled with different items that are based on each member of the team. The collector's edition will be called the "Earth's Mightiest Edition" and the details surrounding it were revealed at New York Comic-Con. According to MP1stthe collector's edition of Marvel's Avengers will include:

  • A twelve-inch statue of Captain America
  • A set of schematics for Iron Man's suit
  • A steelbook case for the game
  • A bobblehead doll of the Hulk
  • A Black Widow insignia badge
  • A Mjolnir keychain
  • A badge in the shape of the Avenger's emblem
  • A photo of the team
Marvel's Avengers Captain America

The character who is notable by their absence in the Earth's Mightiest Edition line-up of items is Hawkeye. There have been several gameplay trailers for Marvel's Avengers released since its announcement and Hawkeye has yet to make any kind of appearance as either a playable character or NPC. Hawkeye's absence from Marvel's Avengers would make him the only member of the original line-up from the movies to not be playable in the game. It has been revealed that Marvel's Avengers will be receiving free content updates and paid DLC, which will include playable character, so Hawkeye is still in with a chance. One of the executives behind Marvel's Avengers has also hinted at Hawkeye's inclusion in the game.

The price of the Earth's Mightiest Edition of Marvel's Avengers has yet to be revealed, nor is it possible to pre-order the game from any outlets at this time. Marvel's Avengers is due to be released on May 15, 2020, so more details regarding the collector's edition will be revealed closer to the release of the game.

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Source: MP1st

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