Marvel Just Killed [SPOILER] In Avengers Comic

A Marvel hero met a tragic end in the Avengers/Champions crossover, "Worlds Collide". Viv Vision, daughter of Vision and member of the Champions, was killed in Avengers #674, which released today.

First appearing in Vision #2 in January of 2016, Viv Vision was created as part of Vision's synthetic family. Since Vision was no longer in a relationship with Scarlet Witch, the Avenger needed something to make him feel human, so he created a wife, son, and a daughter, Vivian. They lived a quiet life together until it was undone by the Grim Reaper. Vision lost both his son and his wife in the conflicts that followed, but his daughter, calling herself Viv Vision, went on to become a superhero in her own right. She joined a new incarnation of the Champions, serving alongside other teenage heroes, such as the Hulk (Amadeus Cho), Miles Morales, Nova (Sam Alexander), Ms. Marvel, and the time-displaced Cyclops.

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In part five of "Worlds Collide", told in the pages of Avengers #674, Viv Vision sacrificed herself to stop the collision of Earth and Counter-Earth. The Avengers and the Champions had united to stop a plan by the High Evolutionary that would lead to the destruction of the Earth, as well the world that he created himself, Counter-Earth. The High Evolutionary, known for his scientific accomplishments and his ability to "evolve" animals into humanoids, "evolved" Viv into a human being.


The High Evolutionary escaped, and in order to put a stop to his plan, the Avengers and the Champions had to reach a device called the orbit-engine. Standing in their way was the High Evolutionary's son, who believed that the heroes wanted to destroy his world. Viv stepped into the orbit-engine, fully aware that its power would kill her. Vision tried to stop her, but it was too late. The comic ended with both teams staring down at her grave.

What's significant about Viv Vision's death is the timing. The character was killed in the midst of Marvel Legacy, a relaunch aimed at returning the focus to the company's classic characters. Her death also comes one issue before the beginning of the next big Avengers story, "No Surrender". Beginning in Avengers #675, "No Surrender" will unite all Avengers titles under a single series.

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Avengers #674 is available now. "Worlds Collide" concludes in Champions #15, on sale December 20.

Source: Marvel

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