Marvel Anime: Iron Man & Wolverine Teaser Trailers

About a year ago we told you that Marvel was extending its brand name to the Far East, partnering with Japanimation studio Madhouse to produce four anime films to be released in 2010. At the time there was no official word on which Marvel characters would be getting the 'animakeover,' though Iron Man, Spider-Man and The Hulk were early guesstimates.

Well, flash-forward a year later and we finally have a first look at two out of the four Marvel/Madhouse films on the way. The first characters to receive their animakeover? (Surprise, surprise) It's Wolverine and Iron Man. Check out the teaser trailers:




Anime is an art form that has a tendency to split people right down the middle: you either love it or hate it. Personally, I used to be an anime fanatic back in high school (over a decade ago, yikes!) but have found it increasingly difficult to appreciate the genre in my older years. Too much 'style over substance' too often for my liking.

However, I find myself facing a split decision in regards to these trailers: I like the Iron Man one but don't like the Wolverine one. At least the Iron Man movie still retains the feel of the Iron Man we know and love (if not slightly altered) - that Wolverine flick is something I would never recognize if I didn't already know what it was.

But then, Marvel International President Simon Phillips stated last year that these new anime films would "create a parallel universe for Marvel." That anime Wolverine definitley looks like he's from another universe.

The four Marvel/Madhouse anime films will each be written by Warren Ellis, writer of renowned comic book series Transmetropolitan and The Authority.

Both the Iron Man and Wolverine animes are due out in 2010. We'll have a look at the final two Marvel anime films whenever the trailers drop.

What do you think: Is anime a good look for the Marvel Universe?

Source: You Tube via Slash Film

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