Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Just Answered A Lot of Big Season 5 Questions

Many of the biggest season 5 questions were answered by Fitz, who was left behind. Here's how Fitz made it to the future and what he discovered.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. kicked off season 5 by mysteriously stranding Agents Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Mac Mackenzie, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Jemma Simmons, and Daisy Johnson in the future via a Kree Monolith after they were kidnapped from a diner at the end of season 4. In the future, Earth has been destroyed, apparently by Daisy, who has come to be known as 'Quake, Destroyer of Worlds'. The Kree now oversee what's left of the human race, who are huddled in a space station called the Lighthouse surrounded by the debris of an asteroid field - the remnants of Earth.

This new sci-fi setting for S.H.I.E.L.D. opened up a bevy of questions concerning the Agents' true purpose in the future. A group calling themselves the True Believers claimed that there is a prophecy that Coulson and his team are meant to save humanity. What is this prophecy and where did it come from? Furthermore, who kidnapped the Agents and sent them to the future? Most importantly, why wasn't Fitz captured along with his fellow Agents?

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Fitz shockingly appeared in the future at the end of last week's episode, and in this week's episode "Rewind", fans get the download on what became of Fitz when he was left behind in time and how he was able to get to the future. Several of the season's biggest questions were answered.


When Fitz was left behind in the diner after his friends were taken, he lost two minutes of time and memory before military troops swarmed the diner and took him into custody for the attack on General Talbot by the Life Model Decoy of Daisy Johnson (the military refuse to believe that it was an LMD and not the real Daisy Johnson). Fitz underwent repeated interrogation and was held for over 6 months in a military blacksite prison called Blue Raven Ridge. Eventually, the military, headed by a woman named Hale, came to accept that Fitz had no knowledge of where the other Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. disappeared to and accepted his offer to help them figure out what happened and where they went.

After 6 months, Fitz still had no concrete answers as to what happened besides the most ludicrous (and correct) scenario: they were abducted by aliens. While Fitz worked, he only asked for books, paper, pens, and a television so he could watch soccer. Occasionally, Fitz asked that his fan letters to his favorite soccer zine Ballbuster Hooligans be mailed for him. The military suspected the fan letters were secret codes but were unable to crack them. It turns out they were indeed secret codes meant for one man in particular: former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Lance Hunter, who surreptitiously appeared at the blacksite posing as Fitz's attorney. Hunter immediately breaks Fitz out of the prison and, using stolen surveillance footage from the night of the diner abduction, they figure out where the Tall Bald Man who oversaw Coulson and the others' kidnapping lives.

For those wondering about Hunter's better half, Agent Bobbi 'Mockingbird' Morse, she and Hunter are still together as a couple, but stay physically apart as much as possible to keep their relationship intact. This arrangement makes perfect sense knowing those two.


Confronting the Tall Bald Man in his home, with its walls covered with alien writing and a child's drawings pinned to his refrigerator door, Fitz and Hunter discover the mystery man's true name and nature. He goes by the name Epoch, and he is also an alien, but not a Kree like most fans assumed. Nor is he a Watcher, though he seems to serve a similar purpose. Epoch is a sentient Chronicom from a planet in the Cignus constellation. Epoch describes himself as a kind of anthropologist who came to Earth 30,000 years ago to observe and record humanity's evolution.

Epoch revealed he kidnapped Coulson and the others and sent them to the year 2091. All of it was to fulfill a prophecy. The seer is a young Inhuman girl named Robin Hinton, who has ties to Daisy Johnson. In season 3, Daisy met Robin's father Charles, who was an Inhuman with the power to see people's deaths by touching them. Charles was a pawn of HYDRA and after they killed him, Daisy became the benefactor of Robin and her mother Polly. Daisy made sure they had the funds to move away to safety and begin a new life, though Robin's mind was fragmented from enduring Terrigenesis at such a young age.

Fitz, Hunter, and Epoch met with Robin and Polly in the same park Daisy last saw them in. There, they saw one of Robin's drawings, which is how she communicates her prophecies: this was a drawing of Quake destroying the world and S.H.I.E.L.D. saving it. All of them escaped when the military came to the park to apprehend them. Thanks to Epoch, they were brought to a secret place that answered another huge question about the future.

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