Agent Carter Season 2 Casts Ken Marino as a Mob Boss

Ken Marino Agent Carter

Marvel's Agent Carter is set to return for season 2 in 2016, and casting is gearing up. The series has already cast a major Marvel villain in Madame Masque (Wynn Everett), as well as several supporting characters, like Jarvis' wife Ana (Lotte Verbeek), and Kurtwood Smith as Vernon Masters.

And now, another potential villain has been cast in the form of Ken Marino (Wet Hot American Summer). According to a recent report, Marino will play mob boss Joseph Manfredi, and will help Peggy Carter's enemies get closer to achieving their goals.

If you're not familiar with Joseph Manfredi, you've likely heard of his father Silvio Manfredi... also known as Silvermane. The younger Manfredi spent time as a costumed villain known as Blackwing, at one point using trained bats as part of the Circus of Crime and has at various times been associated with Hydra, the Skeleton Crew, and even the Masters of Evil (back when the Masters of Evil was run by Ultron in disguise.) He eventually abandoned life as a costumed villain and focused on following in his father's footsteps to become a crime boss, which appears to be the version of the character that will appear in Agent Carter.

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Joining Agent Carter will be a homecoming of sorts for Marino, as the actor previously worked with Carter showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas on their CW show Reaper. Much of his work in the past has been in comedies such as Wet Hot American Summer and Children's Hospital, though he has also appeared on more dramatic shows such as Dawson's Creek. Given his role as a crime boss and part of the Maggia crime cartel, one can assume that Marino's Manfredi will channel some of his humor to create a charming air that masks some deeper ruthlessness.

This is the second interesting villain casting for season 2. As mentioned above, the season will also feature Madame Masque. Like Manfredi, Masque exists in the modern era in the comics but is being transported back to the 1960s for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The inclusion of Manfredi in Agent Carter also makes it unlikely that we'll see Silvermane as a modern threat in future shows or movies, unless Marvel decides to toy around with character relationships or combine the characters so that Joseph Manfredi eventually becomes Silvermane himself.

Some fans would surely prefer to see Silvio Manfredi as a key player in the MCU instead of his son, which is understandable. After all, Silvermane has been an iconic villain for quite some time; his son, on the other hand, began his criminal career with trained bats. That said, the use of a lesser-known character will allow the show to continue developing its own storylines without massive expectations and potential disappointment following its major characters around.

Marvel's Agent Carter is expected to air in the mid-season in 2016.

Source: Variety

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