Martin Scorsese's 'Wolf of Wall Street' Secures Female Leads

The Wolf of Wall Street will mark the fifth occasion where Leonardo DiCaprio appears in a film directed by Martin Scorsese. Similar to previous Leo/Marty collaborations, the duo will be getting assistance from some pretty respectable acting talent, including, Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin (The Artist), Emmy-winner Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) - and Jonah Hill, who's looking to turn over a new leaf in his acting career, following his Oscar nomination for Moneyball.

Wolf of Wall Street is based on Jordan Belfort's memoir about his experiences as a party-crazy (and crazy-successful) Wall Street tycoon, living the high life for nearly two decades before he was convicted of securities fraud and money laundering in 1998. Despite taking place primarily in the male-dominated world of Wall Street, there are still a couple of significant female roles in Scorsese's adaptation.

Variety is reporting that Belfort's (DiCaprio) first wife - described as "an Italian-American hairdresser" left heartbroken by her husband's philandering ways - looks to be portrayed by Cristin Milioti: a Broadway alum, who recently received a Tony nomination for the stage musical adaptation of Once. Deadline says Margot Robbie (Pan Am) is likewise in talks to play Nadine, Belfort's second wife - who the "Wolf" named his massive 50 meter yacht after, before infamously crashing it off the coast of Sardinia.

Suffice it to say: both actresses stand to gain a career boost by portraying wronged women in Scorsese's film treatment of Belfort's larger-than-life story (which was already the inspiration for the movie Boiler Room).

Screenwriting duties on Wolf of Wall Street were handled by Terence Winter, a four-time Emmy winner for his work as co-showrunner on The Sopranos, and creator of Boardwalk Empire. Suffice it to say, this project looks to offer Winter an opportunity to create exactly the sort of nuanced character study that he feels is cast-aside by Hollywood nowadays, in favor of movies with (as he put it) "lowest common denominator mentality."

Moreover, Wolf of Wall Street is a film that could defy Winter's grim diagnosis of the modern movie industry - by not only possessing strong artistic merits, but also being a success at the box office, on par with past DiCaprio/Scorsese joints (The Departed, Shutter Island, etc.).

The Wolf of Wall Street begins production later this summer. Look for it to reach theaters by the latter half of 2013.


Source: Deadline, Variety

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