Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio Reuniting For 'Wolf of Wall Street'

Martin Scorsese and his muse Leonardo DiCaprio (second only to Robert De Niro) have worked together four times in the past, all with rather solid results, and look to join forces again for another tale of crime and corruption, titled The Wolf of Wall Street.

Despite the fact that Scorsese will be bridled with post-production duties on his upcoming 3D adaptation Hugo Cabret over the next several months, it seems that cameras could star rolling on Wolf of Wall Street by June of 2011.

Scorsese originally announced his intention to helm Wolf of Wall Street with DiCaprio starring back in 2007, but progress stalled on the project and the two gentlemen went on to re-team for Shutter Island. Director Ridley Scott was circling the film last year, but he eventually passed on it and now has Prometheus on the horizon instead. Vulture says the whole thing has at last come full circle, with Scorsese and DiCaprio onboard again, working from a script by Terence Winters (Boardwalk Empire).

While Wolf of Wall Street may eventually come to fruition, the chances that production will begin by this summer seem slim at best. Scorsese not only has some extensive work left on Hugo Cabret, but he's slated to begin shooting Silence in the near future and just last December announced his plans to reunite with De Niro and begin shooting The Irishman in 2011. Then again, Scorsese is no stranger to multi-tasking, so we'll have to wait and see what happens next.

Goodfellas TV show Martin Scorsese

Much like Scorsese's Goodfellas centers around real-life mobster and FBI informant Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), The Wolf of Wall Street is an autobiographical drama about the underhanded exploits of former Wall Street stockbroker Jordan Belfort. The original novel chronicles his journey from being a thriving multi-millionaire living a life of drugs, booze, and sex in the 1980s, to a convicted white collar criminal sentenced to nearly two years in prison and banned from the securities business in the early 90s.

Character-driven stories that revolve around individuals living their lives on the edge and participating in unscrupulous deeds can make for combustible results in Scorsese's hands, so Wolf of Wall Street should be quite the cinematic romp. DiCaprio has come a long way since his first joint effort with the director on Gangs of New York, and he's proven himself to be the kind of engaging leading man who could make Belfort another memorable criminal on the silver screen. As for those who are wondering - no, DiCaprio's character won't be haunted by the memories of his deceased wife in this film. :-P

Look to hear more about The Wolf of Wall Street in the near future.

Source: Vulture

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