'The Wolf of Wall Street' Set Photos: Leonardo DiCaprio As Jordan Belfort

Photos from the set of 'The Wolf of Wall Street' - Leonardo DiCaprio's reunion with director Martin Scorsese - feature DiCaprio in full stockbroker attire.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Any time Martin Scorsese begins production on a new film, it's worth paying attention to, especially when that project involves frequent collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio. The duo's forthcoming The Wolf of Wall Street has only been filming for a few weeks now, but today we've got set photos featuring Leo's character, a New York stockbroker who refuses to succumb to Wall Street-based corruption.

Given the money mogul nature of the role, we wouldn't expect anything less than DiCaprio sporting a slick-backed hairdo and a neatly pressed suit (of course, he also sports those things on a daily basis). In the photos snapped from The Wolf of Wall Street's set, we see DiCaprio hailing a cab and looking extremely concerned.

That constant over-the-shoulder looks might have something to do with his character laundering $200 million from the same folks who wanted him to back a mob-based corruption. It's somewhat familiar territory for director Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas, Casino, The Departed), but this film puts an interesting spin on it.

The Wolf of Wall Street uses the memoir of Jordan Belfort as its basis, with DiCaprio playing the author. Belfort was a major player on Wall Street - his firm served as the basis for the Vin Diesel film The Boiler Room - and went on to commit many of the crimes that will take place over the course of the Scorsese's film.

Check out the set photos courtesy of Celebuzz:


Since teaming up with Scorsese for 2002's Gangs of New York, "Marty and Leo" have made four feature films together - most of them critically acclaimed, and some of them - like 2006's The Departed - received Academy Awards. Their last collaboration, Shutter Island (2011), was the duo's first collaboration since Departed, but now it appears they're getting the band back together.

Joining DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street will be Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Margot Robbie, Cristin Milioti, and Oscar winner Jean Dujardin in one of his first English-speaking roles.

The Wolf of Wall Street will hit theaters in 2013.


Source: Celebuzz

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