Kevin Smith Rejects Martin Scorsese’s Marvel Movie Criticism

Director and comic book connoisseur Kevin Smith makes sense of Martin Scorsese's controversial comments about MCU films supposedly not cinema.

Kevin Smith is the latest public figure to join the conversation regarding the comments Martin Scorsese made against the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The discussion continues about the crtically-acclaimed filmmaker's opinion about the Marvel films, calling them "not cinema" more than a week after he said it in public. And now, it's comic book connoisseur Smith who tries to make sense of what Scorsese means.

Since Scorsese's criticism against the MCU came to light, it has been a favorite topic of conversation among fans. Some people who are/have been involved in the universe have also offered their two cents regarding it such as Robert Downey Jr.James Gunn, Joss Whedon and Samuel L. Jackson. While he's not a creative at Marvel Studios, as the poster boy of the comic book fan community, many are interested to hear what Smith has to say about this ongoing discussion.

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Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment! as he promotes his latest project, Jay and Silent Reboot, Smith addressed Scorsese's comments and much like everyone who spoke before him, he acknowledged what the brilliant filmmaker has contributed to the industry, and reiterated that he respects his opinion. Instead of directly responding, however, Smith attempted to make sense as to why Scorsese has that perception of the MCU and why it's different for him.

“Martin Scorsese has made such wonderful movies. He’s been doing the job since I was a kid. I’m not going to sit and be like, ”I know better than him.” That’s his feelings.

“Martin Scorsese probably doesn’t have the emotional attachment to those movies that I do. When he sees those movies, he’s like, ‘That’s a theme park.’ When I see those movies, that is the closest I get to being with my dad at a movie theater again. I respect his opinion, but I don’t think he has the same emotional attachment that a lot of us have. […] It’s the men and the women that we relate to in the movie, not the ‘super’ part.”

Martin Scorsese Wolf of Wall Street Set Photo

Smith's take on the matter is a fresh way to look at Scorsese's comments. Having been drawn to a different type of films, The Irishman helmer simply has no attachment to superheroes and comic book movies in general. So he doesn't really see what the existence of the MCU means to fans of these stories that started in print several decades ago. Seeing these narrative brought to life onto the big screen evokes certain memories from Smith's childhood, and going to cinemas and watching them makes him relive those experiences.

Frankly, it's a lost case to expect everyone to like the same thing, and that's okay. It just so happened that at this point, it's the Marvel Cinematic Universe and comic book movies that are dominating the mainstream media. No one knows until when they're going to be able to sustain this popularity, but until then, it seems like that's how things are going to be. These stories and characters may not appeal to Scorsese personally, but there are other people who have strong emotional investments to them like Smith.

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Source: Yahoo Entertainment!

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