Fox Adapting Bradbury's 'Martian Chronicles' With 'Avatar' Hopes

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Yesterday I reported on an upcoming sci-fi film called Ion that is being eyed by Fox 2000 as a possible "next Avatar" (read: original sci-fi property that can make loads of money).

Well, today the LA Times reports that producer John Davis (who is setup at - where else - Fox) has optioned the rights to legendary sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury's famous collection of short stories, The Martian Chronicles, in yet another bid to recreate Avatar's success.

For those who don't know, here's a bit of background info on The Martian Chronicles - see if it matches the derivative thinking on the part of Fox execs that this property could be the next Avatar:

The Martian Chronicles were a series of pulp stories in which humans land on Mars (after Earth suffered some sort of cataclysm) and have various interactions/skirmishes with the native Martians who already inhabit the planet. The stories were told from both the human and martian perspectives and explored the sort of socio-political-moral issues you would expect from a sci-fi/allegory about colonization, as well as the nature of telepathy and the universal nature of emotion. There were also some pretty crazy, out-there, pulp sci-fi tales as well.

martian chronicles movie ray bradburn

Stories in the Chronicles were loosely arranged and connected, so it will be interesting to see if the movie adaption will have a sort of Pulp Fiction structure as well, or if the filmmakers try to arrange the stories into one cohesive narrative. In 1979 NBC partnered with BBC to run a Martian Chronicles miniseries starring Rock Hudson that tried to structure the short story format of the book into a cohesive tale. Of course they didn't have CGI effects for a red sky or any of that 3D tech you know they'll use for this movie, so it kind of fell flat with viewers (and Bradbury).

Ironically enough, the stories are set in the early 2000s, further proving that the lack of Jetsons cars in current epoch denotes a serious lack of progress ;-) .

No word yet on a director or cast, but with the race to get "the next Avatar" out there heating up, you can bet Davis won't be waiting long to get the film into development.

In the meantime, are you sci-fi fans happy to hear that The Martian Chronicles could be coming to a screen near you?

Source: LA Times

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