'Martha Marcy May Marlene' International Trailer Is Terrifying

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Did you ever expect to see the day when one of the Olsen sisters would be garnering serious Oscar buzz for her performance in a breakout drama?

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and that's where we're at with Martha Marcy May Marlene. The recently-released pair of trailers were unsettling enough on their own, but the new Martha international preview offers a better (and creepier) look at the disturbing drama, which showcases Elizabeth Olsen's previously-untapped acting prowess.

Martha Marcy May Marlene is technically not E. Olsen's screen debut, as she played very minor roles in two of her famous sibling's TV and direct-to-video efforts. However, between this and her turn in the upcoming horror film Silent House, the youngest Olsen sister looks to be carving out her own niche as an actress.

Sean Durkin is making his feature-length writing and directorial debut with Martha, which stars Olsen as the title character - a young woman who manages to flee an abusive cult and seeks refuge with her older sister (Sarah Paulson) and brother-in-law (Hugh Dancy). Martha's mind cannot heal as easily as the rest of her body, and soon her already-fragile psyche begins to shatter, weighed down by fears that the cult and its serpentine leader (John Hawkes) may be pursuing her. But is it all a delusion - or a horrifying reality?

Now, having read that... less-than-comforting synopsis, you should check out the international Martha Marcy May Marlene trailer (via Empire) below:


The Martha Marcy May Marlene footage unveiled so far has been get-under-your-skin troubling, between the dark imagery of Olsen running through endless woods as she attempts to escape her captors - and hints of the deranged behavior and acts of violence perpetrated by the other members of her cult. When Olsen isn't captivating moviegoers with her portrayal of a woman descending into madness, it looks like Hawkes' turn as the cult's leader, Patrick, should be something to behold. Between the glimpses of him being, at different times, a guitar-playing charmer and a dead-eyed fiend, it doesn't seem like a stretch to say that both he and Olsen could pick up Academy Award nods for their performances in Martha.

Be sure to also check out the latest Martha Marcy May Marlene poster below:

martha marcy may marlene movie elizabeth olsen

Martha Marcy May Marlene is slated to begin a limited theatrical release in the U.S. on October 21st, 2011.

Source: Empire

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