Marshawn Lynch's Surprise Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cameo Explained

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Here's Marshawn Lynch's memorable Brooklyn Nine-Nine cameo explained. Brooklyn Nine-Nine debuted on Fox in 2013 and stars Andy Samberg (Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping) as detective Jake Peralta. Despite being somewhat childish and obsessed with Die Hard, Jake is still a really good cop and the early seasons focused on him trying to gain the respect of stern Captain Holt (Andre Braugher).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine also features a fantastic supporting cast, including Stephanie Beatriz, Joe Lo Truglio and Terry Crews (The Expendables). The show has received great reviews for its writing and performances, and fans were briefly heartbroken when it was announced Fox was canceling the series after five seasons. Thankfully, NBC picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine for season 6 and later greenlit the upcoming season 7.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine has featured some great guest appearances over the years, including Bill Hader (IT: Chapter 2) and Sterling K. Brown. Retired American football running back Marshawn Lynch also made a brief appearance as himself on season 4 episode "The Fugitive," where he's an eyewitness to convicts escaping from a prison van. Holt and Rosa interview Lynch, with the latter being a big fan but pointing out they won't get anything out of Lynch since he became famous for avoiding talking about himself to the press during his time with the NFL.

brooklyn nine-nine marshawn cameo

Cut to the next scene, where Marshawn Lynch talks energetically about everything from the pico de gallo he was eating when the escape happened, to the time he stayed up late as a child trying to catch Santa Claus. After enduring a half-hour of non-stop chatting, Lynch reveals to them he didn't actually see anything that could help. Lynch has about a minute of screentime in the episode but Brooklyn Nine-Nine showed he's a natural comic actor.

Outside of the series, Marshawn Lynch has also appeared in video game Call Of Duty: Black Ops III and is part of the cast of Westworld season 3. It's unknown who will guest star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine's seventh season, though creator Michael Schur and Samberg have been stated they'd love to have Bruce Willis make an appearance. This would make sense given Jake's Die Hard obsession but Willis yet to make a cameo. With Die Hard 6 reportedly up in the air at Disney after the franchise was acquired in the Fox merger - which would have marked Willis' final appearance as John McClane - maybe a Brooklyn Nine-Nine guest spot would be the next best thing to a new movie.

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