Marshall Trailer: Chadwick Boseman Fights as Thurgood Marshall

Josh Gad Chadwick Boseman and Sterling K Brown Marshall

Chadwick Boseman takes on the role as the first African-American Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall in the first look of the upcoming film Marshall. The biopic tackles the story of one of Thurgood's early cases during his storied career.

Marshall follows Thurgood during his early days practicing law when he stumbles on a case involving an African-American man named Joseph Spell (Sterling K. Brown) accused of a rape and attempted murder by his white employer, Elenor Strubing (Kate Hudson).  The attorney took on the case to represent Spell on the faith that he was wrongly indicted because of his skin color. He recruits Sam Friedman (Josh Gad) to help him with the case and the two had their work cut out for them both in and outside the courtroom.

The trailer [seen above] starts with a Boseman quietly drinking in a bar when two men attempt to to intimidate him. Not one to back down from a fight, Boseman successfully sets up the real-life man he's playing as someone with the courage to match his convictions. Throughout the trailer, Boseman's Marshall exudes confidence and determination, echoed in the lines, "I only represent innocent people, people accused because of their race. That is my mission. The only way to get through a bigot's door is to break it down."

Josh Gad Chadwick Boseman and Sterling K Brown Marshall

This is not the first time Boseman has done a biopic. He has previously played none other than the "Godfather of Soul," James Brown, in the 2014 drama film Get On Up. Boseman also played Jackie Robinson in 42, another man responsible for helping to break down society's racial barriers. Both films were well received by critics who cited Boseman's ability to bring these men to the big screen in the manner they deserved. And if that is any indication, there is a good chance that he will once again bring his A-game to Marshall.

It has been a busy past few months for Boseman. After Marshall hits theaters this October, his much-anticipated reprisal of Marvel's T'Challa  in the character's first standalone film Black Panther will premiere in February. Just like Marshall, the Marvel property also boasts a stellar cast, with Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Forest Whitaker, Angella Bassett, and Andy Serkis to name a few. He will also reunite with Sterling K. Brown as the This Is Us actor is confirmed for the role of N'Jobu.

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