7 Things We Learned From The Set of Mars Season 2

Season 2 of National Geographic's Mars may not premiere until 2018 but Screen Rant had the opportunity to explore the sets of the sci-fi drama and meet with cast and crew to talk about the next stage of colonizing Mars.

Last weekend we traveled to Budapest, Hungary where we spent two days at Korda Studios learning all about Mars season 2. The series, which is more "science future" than sci-fi, is going to be much bigger and bolder in its second six-episode miniseries. There are more characters, bigger sets to represent the bigger colony on Mars, and to bring the show to life in its second season which is set years later, Nat Geo is utilizing one of the biggest sound stages in Europe. It's here at Korda - where massive sets for Hellboy 2, The Borgias, Emerald City, and Robin Hood still stand - that our journey towards returning to Mars begins.

We explored the costume, art, and prop departments and toured the many impressive and fully realized sets which included multiple Mars settlements, spacecraft, and ground vehicles. Don't worry, we won't share any spoilers. Here are a few things to expect in Mars season 2.

7. Time Jump: Mars Season 2 Takes Place Years Later

In the six-episode miniseries that formed season 1 of Nat Geo's Mars, the first two saw the original small team of astronauts locate water and an underground refuge to make camp and plant the flag for humanity's first Mars colony. This became Olympus Town and the following four episodes spanned several years as other starships were sent to Mars with more colonists and resources to begin expansion.

Season 2 of Mars picks up years later and there's been significant change not just on the Mars settlement itself, but on the political landscape back at home. Public interest in the Mars program is at a low since there's been little to no progress on on the discovery of life on the red planet, and the private industry backers from season 1 (Mars Missions Corporation, consortium of private aerospace companies preparing Mars expeditions) are no longer involved, and therefore no longer providing the tech, science, funds, and vehicles. Instead, there's a new faction with a larger and more complex role to play in the plot of season 2.

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