Mars Season 2 Sets November Premiere Date For Nat Geo’s Hybrid Sci-Fi Series

National Geographic plots a course for the Red Planet by setting a premiere date for Mars season 2, the network’s hybrid sci-fi adventure series.

Roxy Sternberg in Mars Season 2 Nat Geo

Season 2 of National Geographic’s Mars will premiere this November according to an official announcement from the network. The second season of the hybrid scripted television series and science documentary represents an interesting step forward for Nat Geo, as the network continues to dip its toe into the realm of scripted dramas, while also staying true to the nature and intent of its other programming. That challenge is made even more difficult as the series itself teeters on the edge of being science fiction, even though it comes at it from an angle grounded in science. 

Season 1 of Mars saw the first successful manned mission to the planet, resulting in a human settlement. As was made clear in the announcement by Nat Geo, the new season will follow the advancements made by the crew in the Martian colony by jumping forward several years in time. That will not only allow the dramatic portion of the series to tackle a fresh batch of problems, beyond initializing a settlement on a planet other than Earth, but also give the series’ “Big Thinkers” a new series of topics when discussing the real science, logistical concerns, and more of putting human beings on the Red Planet. 

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Nat Geo released a trailer for the second season of Mars earlier this summer, and you can check that out, as well as a synopsis of season 2, below:

MARS picks up five years after the conclusion of Season 1, following the successful maiden mission to the Red Planet and IMSF has established a fully-fledged colony, Olympus Town, but they cannot finance the Mars expedition alone. Doors of when the original International Mars Science Foundation (IMSF) crew struggled to safely land on and create an initial settlement. It’s now the year 2042, swung wide open to the private sector, but tensions arise among original mission-driven scientists and opportunity have miners sent by the for-profit corporation, Lukrum Industries, which create a new world of challenges for everyone on the Red Planet.”

While the series’ dramatic elements begin to explore the potential ramifications of capitalism getting involved and potentially taking over the expedition, one of the show’s more appealing aspects is the presence of the Big Thinkers who will share their thoughts on the endeavor. This season will bring tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, author Any Weir, former NASA chief Ellen Stofan, former astronaut Leland Melvin, futurist and physicist Michio Kaku, and more. 

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Mars season 2 premieres Monday, November 12 on Nat Geo @9pm.

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