'Mars Needs Moms!' Poster Shows A Close Encounter

Mars Needs Moms Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Posters

Disney's upcoming 3D animated film, Mars Needs Moms! will hit theaters in March of 2011 courtesy of Robert Zemeckis' nearly defunct production company, ImageMovers Digital. The new poster for the film channels Steven Spielberg's legendary alien film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Based on a children's book by Berkeley Breathed, Mars Needs Moms! will mix alien adventure with a lesson on appreciating your mother. The movie is directed by Simon Wells - the great-grandson of H.G. Wells.

Mars Needs Moms! follows Milo (voiced by Seth Green), a young boy whose mother (voiced by Joan Cusack) is abducted by martians. He takes a spaceship to the red planet in an attempt to save her.

The brand new poster over at Yahoo! teases the film and presents Milo opening the door to a giant spaceship in his neighborhood. If you are feeling a little bit of nostalgia, don't worry, it's completely normal. The poster is a re-imagining of the memorable moment in Close Encounters of the Third Kind when the young boy opens the front door to a blinding and mesmerizing light.

Check out the homage poster below. It should give you a good sense of the visual style of Mars Needs Moms!

Mars Needs Moms! Movie Poster

The movie's plot is thin on details beyond what is mentioned above. The book's synopsis is below.



Milo doesn't see what's so great about mothers. After all, his makes him eat his broccoli and carrots and do chores around the house and garden. When Martian raiders arrive and abduct the mothers, Milo steals on board their spaceship and discovers why the moms have been kidnapped: so that they can drive the Martians to their Martian soccer games in their Martian vans, pack lunches, and put Band-Aids on cuts. When Milo's oxygen supply is nearly cut off, his mom is there to save him, and he finds new appreciation for mothers.



This looks like a satirical animated action adventure for the entire family. I'm actually looking forward to it based on the plot alone, but Seth Green's voice talents are enough also a draw for me. His work on Family Guy is always great.

Are you looking forward to this film?

Mars Needs Moms! is scheduled for launch on March 11th, 2011.

Source: Yahoo!

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