Married at First Sight: What Life is Really Like Post-Show, According to Couples

Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight season 8 couples, such as Keith Dewar and Kristine Killingsworth and AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen are opening up about married life. The couples that have made it past their 8-week-trial marriage spill the details of newlywed life after the show.

Married at First Sight - the show where couples get married to someone the first time they meet them - season 9 has just wrapped up with the "Decision Day" episode having aired on September 11th, and only half the couples choosing to stay together following their 8-week trial marriage. The show itself doesn't have the best track record, with only 8 couples out of 29 still being married (including the most recent season), but that means there are still 8 successful couples out in the world thanks to Lifetime. Considering they get married and go through the first two months of their marriage on television, couples who come off the show are often willing to talk about their marriages following the end of the show, which is the case with couples Dewar and Killingsworth and Vollmoeller and Sersen.

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In a recent interview (via People) the newlyweds are sharing the highs and lows they've endured in their first year of marriage, and both couples are still going strong, though they have not been without their struggles. Dewar and Killingsworth said that the easiest part of their marriage so far has been "taking risks together." It makes sense when you consider the pair met on the television show, which is what Killingsworth described as the "ultimate risk." The 29-year-old wife said most of their decisions after the show have "flowed easily," but the couple said merging their finances has been their biggest difficulty. The newlyweds said after the show they agreed that they would like to purchase a home together which meant that "personal purchases had to be put on hold and it caused some friction." When asked what they'd learned about each other, Killingsworth said she appreciates his "dedication to learning how to get our home together," while still working his full-time job. Dewar, on the other hand, said that one of the "greatest gifts" this marriage has brought him is the ability "to share the triumphs and failures of life with someone who accepts you as you." 

Married at First Sight Keith Dewar and Kristine Killingsworth

While Dewar and Killingsworth struggled to meld their finances together, Vollmoeller and Sersen struggled in other areas, like learning about the other person's pet peeves. Vollmoeller and Sersen both consider themselves to be "very independent" and they both have "strong opinions on a lot of things," so they're still learning how to interact with each other as a married couple. Vollmoeller added that the couple has learned "how and when are the appropriate times and ways to deal with conflict," which has helped them a lot. While their fellow newlyweds struggled to move in together, Vollmoeller and Sersen said that was the easiest part for them, because "[they] both have the same living styles, like cleanliness, sleeping habits and respect of space." Sersen said the favorite part of her marriage is still "going to bed and waking up” with Vollmoeller every day, while Vollmoeller said that Sersen laughs at all his dad jokes which "makes [him] love her a little more each time she does."

Both newlyweds seem to be going strong after their first year of marriage, which bodes well for them, as well as the show. Though Married at First Sight had a number of seasons that produced no successful couples, half of the season 8 couples have stayed together, and two of the season 9 couples have chosen to continue in their marriage. If they can get through 8 weeks of marriage to a stranger on a TV show, as well as the following year, it seems that these couples have a long, happy marriage ahead of them.

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Source: People

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