Married at First Sight’s Jamie & Elizabeth Don’t Have ‘Crazy Fights’ Anymore

Married at First Sight’s Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice don’t have ‘crazy fights’ anymore. The couple has been actively working on their marriage every day to make sure that their love is a priority.

The couple appeared on season 9 of Married at First Sight and were known for their crazy, explosive fights. Fans watched as the two had instant chemistry from the moment they met, but also noticed that the couple would engage in numerous fights. Due to these arguments, the couple actually broke up a couple of times before choosing in the season finale to stay together for the trial period.

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Even though fans of Married at First Sight are more than skeptical when it comes to Jamie and Elizabeth’s marriage, the couple is happy to announce that they are beating the odds. Elizabeth spoke with Us Weekly about the status of their current marriage. The reality star said that since the cameras stopped filming their life has changed - for the better. The couple has learned to care and love each other, letting themselves grow into a better partnership. After watching themselves and how they were depicted, the couple realized that they needed to focus on their communication more. The couple continued to say that they realized their feelings for one another ran deeper than a TV show, making it essential for their marriage to work as a healthy relationship they could be proud of.

Married at First Sight Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice

The couple acknowledged the elephant in the room, admitting that marriage has not been the same as their friends who are also married, probably because their friends knew each other prior to their nuptials. The happy couple did say that they are still in their "dating phase" and are really enjoying that stage of their marriage. Each day the two love birds are learning new and interesting tidbits about one another. What the couple seems to enjoy the most is the fact that they can just have fun together, making one another laugh, realizing that their marriage was worth fighting for.

The Married at First Sight couple recently left their home in Charlotte, NC and moved to Silicon Valley where Jamie will be embarking on a new job. Being forced to move from their home state where they both have grown up has been the most welcoming challenge to the new couple because it has brought them closer, experiencing the new adventures together. It seems that this is one Married at First Sight couples that will actually fight the odds and make their unexpected marriage work for the long haul.

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