Married At First Sight: 20 Couples Ranked (And How Long They Lasted)

Reality TV shows have become very far-reaching in recent years. Before, we had rather harmless shows like Disaster Date, but now, with people wanting more of the “reality” aspect in these shows, they have become all too familiar with reality. People like to tune in to watch things that are actually happening as opposed to stuff that is fabricated, and Married at First Sight fits the bill here.

While in the eastern side of the world, an arranged marriage is nothing out of the ordinary, the western world finds this idea something impossible to comprehend. This is why Married at First Sight has a level of intrigue in that it features real-life people who become married couples straight after meeting each other. They leave for their honeymoon after the wedding and then have to remain married for a few weeks, after which they must make a decision whether they want to remain married or be granted a quick divorce by the showrunners.

Married at First Sight has gained popularity due to the usage of social media by the couples, enabling people to follow their lives, even away from the show. The couples in the show haven’t had the best success, though. Of all the couples featured thus far, only five remain married as of now. The rest have called it quits due to lack of compatibility. We’re here to rank the ones that have separated and the ones who are still together.

Here are 20 Couples Married at First Sight Couples, Ranked (And How Long They Lasted).

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20 Molly And Jonathan

Molly and Jonathan only lasted eight weeks into marriage as their relationship disintegrated once the cameras stopped rolling. Unfortunately for Jonathan, his unemployment wasn’t solved during his marriage to Molly, or after it.

According to him, he tried to be patient during filming and see things from Molly’s perspective, but it just didn’t work. It was due to literally not knowing her that Molly didn’t end up being compatible with him. They didn’t see eye-eye and called it quits once the duration of the show was done with. Jonathan even found it hard to say goodbye to the crew because he felt they were like his family.

19 Sonia And Nick

These two called it quits only a little less than a year after marriage. The interesting part, though, is the controversy that surrounds them now. Apparently, they got separated in January and then divorced in March, only for Nick to then get a girlfriend and get her pregnant within a couple months!

Sonia was reportedly irate at this and cited emotional infidelity from Nick. The Baby Mama is a co-host on the after-show for Married at First Sight, so you can see why Sonia feels Nick wasn’t completely faithful. This is probably more drama than what the show was aiming for.

18 Heather And Derek

They look pretty cool and blissful in the above photo, but Heather and Derek were so incompatible with one another that they only lasted two weeks before they got divorced.

He was an account executive while she’s a flight attendant, so there’s not much in common as far as careers are considered. Then again, when you throw any two people together in a marriage, the odds aren’t really in your favor, are they? Maybe it’s a good thing these two came to their senses before they were married for so long they didn’t know whether to stay in it or get out.

17 Monet And Vaughn

You’d think by looking at their picture that these two knew one another for a long time. Even though they got married when they met, their picture makes it seem like they were extremely close.

However, this couple divorced once their time on the show was up. Things petered out in the end, and what do you know? Vaughn moved onto another woman and got her pregnant! It seems the guys learn lessons not to get married again once they’re off the show. How else can you explain Vaughn also finding a Baby Mama for himself without putting a ring on her finger?

16 Jessica And Ryan

Not only did these two get divorced, things got escalated to the point that Jessica got a restraining order against Ryan! After their time on the show was done, Jessica and Ryan had decided to remain married and commit to each other.

Once we returned to their story six months later, though, they revealed they had divorced. Unlike other couples who tried to remain amicable, Ryan wasn’t the amicable kind and it appears he ticked Jessica off to the point where she felt she needed him a certain distance away from her for her own protection.

15 Davina And Sean

The funny thing about failed marriage is that they can lead to one finding true love. Davina got married to Sean with the hopes of finding the one she would spend the rest of her life with (and have his children); however, this was not to be.

They ended up getting divorced after their time on the show was over, but the twist is that Davina has since remarried; scratch that, the real kicker is the fact that Davina now is expecting a child with the new husband. Meanwhile, Sean has also been happy in love as he got engaged as well – at an ice hockey game no less.

14 Mia And Tristan

You would think that finding out a deep dark secret about your new, unknown spouse would be a dealbreaker, but Tristan was willing to overlook that with Mia.

It turned out Mia had been using her ex-boyfriend’s credit card and even stalking him. All of this came out at the airport when Mia was arrested while the two were headed to their honeymoon! Tristan still chose to be with her, yet it was Mia who filed for divorce from him in September 2018. The guy overlooked serious misdemeanors from his wife and yet still came out looking like a loser when all was said and done; maybe nice guys do finish last.

13 Danielle And Cody

In order for every marriage in the world to work, you need to be intimate; it’s not going to go anywhere otherwise. Danielle, however, was very open about not wanting to be this way with Cody.

It’s understandable Cody wasn’t cool with this and the couple had problems. Still, they remained married for about a year before getting an official divorce. Earlier on, Danielle had openly admitted on TV that she didn’t have any loving feelings for her husband. It was obviously just a waiting game until one of them called it quits and that’s just what’s happened.

12 Nate And Sheila

What exactly happened between these two is something we might never know for sure. They had decided to stay married after the show was over and everything seemed to be going great until a social media post blindsided everyone.

Nate announced he and Sheila were getting a divorce, but then things took a turn for the worst. The announcement was in August 2017 and they were divorced in December. In the interim, Sheila accused Nate of being unfaithful, a claim he thoroughly denied. What we do know is that their decision of leaving things up to a higher power didn’t work because they definitely needed to put in the effort themselves, as well.

11 David And Ashley

These two lasted only six weeks and decided to split up when the show got over. They still had a lot of drama leading up to the decision. According to Ashley, she hated the social media attention they were receiving and thought David only liked the idea of being married rather than actually focusing on the relationship within it.

David, on the other hand, felt he was he chasing someone who didn’t want to be caught and that Ashley was never interested in the marriage at all. David expressed his hope he would find someone to love, in his final appearance on the show.

10 Neil And Samantha

In this divorce, the blame was taken up completely by Samantha, who admitted they didn’t stay married because she was “[sinister]” during their time together. They lasted only six weeks, but it wasn’t a mutual decision for them to get divorced.

Samantha still wanted to say married and implored upon Neil to feel the same. He admitted he liked her, but she had put him through a lot of pain and he didn’t want to cope with that any longer. Samantha took responsibility for the way she behaved and sadly accepted Neil’s decision, hoping that they would remain friends.

9 Lilian And Tom

Aw, what a cute couple they make, right? Not only are they very attractive, they look genuinely happy here to be married to each other. Well, it didn’t last that long. Sure, the marriage lasted much longer than most as Lilian and Tom decided to stay together after the show was over, but the two were divorced fourteen months after.

Unlike many of the couples we’ve spoken about, these two didn’t carry drama along with their divorce and, in the announcement they made about splitting up, they made it clear they would remain friends, even vowing to stay a part of each other’s lives.

8 Amber And Dave

It was an amicable split in the end, but one that carried an idea that there could’ve been hope. Amber and Dave remained married after the initial time allotted to them, only to get divorced in December 2018.

Their time together up until then doesn’t really count as the two were reportedly separated for a number of months. This means they didn’t last all that long after finishing up on the show. Amber, though, admitted she wanted to stay married and just needed more time. Alas, it wasn’t to be and they got divorced. Still, at least things aren’t acrimonious.

7 Jaclyn And Ryan

This time around, it was the man who was in the wrong. During the show, they had problems being together physically as Jaclyn kept calling Ryan “dude” or “bro” all the time.

Once they did get close, they remained married after the six-week experiment, only to get divorced within the next six months. As it happened, Ryan still didn’t take the marriage seriously and it was his lack of interest that led to Jaclyn walking out. She even took a little shot at him in an Instagram post where she expressed hope that the next guy she was with appreciated her personality.

6 Tres And Vanessa

These two were the talk of the season they were in. It had to do with how attractive they were and the fact that Tres was something of a player; this made it a challenge for Vanessa to trust him as husband material.

When the show ended, they decided to stay married and the clash in their personalities seemed to have been just a bump in the road. Unfortunately, that was not to be and the two were divorced within the next six months. Following this, they are both still single and doing their own things.

5 Danielle And Bobby

Finally, we’re at that part where we list the couples who are still together. The first of these is Danielle and Bobby, who are in the process of making arrangements for the arrival of their first child, a girl.

They had their fights, sure, but it wasn’t something huge like breaking up. Instead, Danielle and Bobby have had problems that are very adult and mature (over such things like choosing a house for their family to grow into). Despite the ups and downs, these two haven’t signed any divorce papers and will be parents soon to a child that is the product of this show.

4 Shawniece And Jephte

It’s hard to make a 26-year-old single guy settle down, much less when paired with a girl who is pushing 30 and is most likely more mature than him, but Shawniece and Jephte have defied all doubts.

They have enjoyed a lovely marriage that is far past what the show’s format was. Since being married, the two got pregnant and Shawniece delivered their child, a daughter, born in August 2018. They revisited the same spot they had gotten married and reminisced about how much better their lives are now. Jephte has promised to be both a loving father and a husband.

3 Ashley And Anthony

These two are very unconventional in that they never had any problems while on the show. It’s like they were just destined to meet somehow and someway and the show was just a means to an end.

Their marriage has been total bliss and you’d forget it all started out as a gimmick for a reality show. They have only just welcomed a baby into their lives earlier in January, and both parents have marveled at how much they love someone who has just entered the world. It’s nice to see a couple with no drama for a change.

2 Cortney And Jason

Since some people don’t share every single moment of their lives on social media, the people who do start making stuff up about them. This is what happened for Cortney and Jason, who were on the receiving end for a lot of rumors that they had split up.

The two have remained married ever since they met on the show and after a period where both parties were silent on developments about each other, word started spreading. However, Cortney shut everyone up on Instagram when she shared a picture of the two happy together with a funny caption that is a censored version of saying “shut up” to all the doubters.

1 Jamie And Doug

This is the top couple from the Married at First Sight series as these two have not only remained together but have tasted deep sadness together. Jamie and Doug remained married after the experiment, and have always been a happy couple, but Jamie lost a child due to miscarriage and the couple faced this sorrow of life.

As fate would have it, the two were expecting once more and in August 2017, they had their first child, later revealed to be a girl. You can see from the picture itself how happy and at peace they seem to be.

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