Marriage Boot Camp’s Aubrey O’Day Calls for Celebrity Version of 90 Day Fiancé

Marriage Boot Camp’s Aubrey O’Day wants a celebrity version of 90 Day Fiancé and says if TLC makes a celebrity version she'd be the first to sign up.

Aubrey O'Day Marriage Boot Camp

Marriage Boot Camp’s Aubrey O’Day wants a celebrity version of 90 Day Fiancé to become a thing. A huge fan of the show, O'Day says if TLC makes a celebrity version she'd be the first to sign up.

The 35-year-old singer-songwriter and reality TV personality is best known for being a member of the all-girl group Danity Kane. She was discovered by MTV in 2004 when she was on Making of the Band 3 with Sean "Diddy" Combs, where she emerged as the breakout star. The singer then returned to reality TV with her own show All About Aubrey on the Oxygen network. In 2012, she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice 5 where she finished in 3rd place. Then in 2016, she took part in season 18 of Celebrity Big Brother and then appeared in season 3 and 11 of Marriage Boot Camp. 

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O'Day is no stranger to reality TV and has some ideas of her own about what show she'd like to be on next. At the Marriage Boot Camp's 100th episode celebration on Thursday night in Los Angeles, she pitched an idea for a show to a reporter for Entertainment Tonight (via Yahoo). She wants to see and possibly take part in a celebrity version of 90 Day Fiancé. The hit TLC show follows international couples as they meet for the first time, get engaged, and therefore have 90 days to decide to marry each other before the visas of the foreign half of the couples expire. O'Day said that she would without a doubt appear on the show, hoping it would help her out in the love department. She was most recently linked with Pauly D  DelVecchio from Jersey Shore. Their two-and-a-half-year relationship ended because she was reportedly pressuring him into commitment and wanted a ring.

Aubrey O'Day Ex On the Beach

O'Day shared that she's had nothing but "scary" experiences since getting back into the dating scene. She revealed that she's a huge 90 Day Fiancé fan and had some ideas about finding love abroad. She said, "Nowadays I just literally watch 90 Day Fiance and I am really just thinking about getting myself a nice little Moroccan man, you know what I'm saying?" The singer continued, "If all the men can go to Colombia and get themselves a honey, why can't I?" She then asked TLC directly for their help, saying, "TLC, please do a celeb edition of 90 Day Fiance, I would do it in a heartbeat." She explained, "I really believe you can find sincere love in situations like that." Except there is the stipulation that O'Day doesn't have -  a foreign love - which is a prerequisite of the show.

With the culture of online dating steadily increasing with the internet, the hit TLC show 90 Day Fiancé is not going anywhere. With all of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoffs multiplying, it seems TLC is open to new concepts. O'Day has the right idea with following the process of celebrities who have fallen in love with foreigners would be good TV, because the same visa and immigration rules apply to all, regardless of money or fame. Since O'Day has volunteered, there is guaranteed to be at least one member already willing to sign up for 90 Day Fiancé celebrity version. It looks like while word spreads to TLC, in the meantime, O'Day better be downloading some Moroccan dating apps.

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Source: Yahoo

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