Marmaduke Trailer: Worst Thing Ever?

Owen Wilson provides the voice of Marmaduke

The Huffington Post says the trailer for Marmaduke "may be the worst thing ever." Obviously they may be going a bit overboard with the hyperbole, but I can see why this trailer would make even the most masochistic movie-watcher cringe.

For those not keeping score at home, Marmaduke is directed by Tom Dey (the 2002 Eddie Murphy/Robert DeNiro disaster Showtime) and stars Owen Wilson as the titular Great Dane.

Lee Pace stars in a live-action role, and after seeing him do some excellent work in Tarsem's The Fall, it pains me to see him in a movie like this. The same sentiment is echoed for Judy Greer, also playing a live-action role; she was great on Arrested Development and FX's Archer, so she's way above material like this.

The film also includes the voice talents of George Lopez, Fergie, Emma Stone, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jeremy Piven, and Steve Coogan.

Here's the Marmaduke trailer [WARNING!!! ONCE SEEN YOU CANNOT "UNSEE" IT!]:

It would take a three-page article to count the eye-roll-inducing moments in this trailer, so I'll spare you every detail and cover the major offenders:

Things go wrong right off the bat as the trailer opens with three different accounts of someone saying "Marmaduke!" in an exasperated tone, followed almost immediately by a bathroom "joke" that is far more disturbing than it is funny. William H. Macy continues his streak of appearing in family-friendly roles and is rewarded by being knocked down (twice!) by the comically over-sized Marmaduke.

At this point you might be thinking I'm overreacting, that this trailer isn't as terrible as I'm making it out to be. Then you see the scene in which Marmaduke surfs...on a the ocean. And after Marmaduke ejects his cat friend from a recliner and winks at the camera, this trailer spirals into the depths recently traversed by Beverly Hills Chihuahua: a full-on dog dance sequence.


However, for me, the most ridiculous aspect of this trailer is the seriousness with which Kiefer Sutherland delivers his lines. Even though he's just doing voice-over work, the fact that he can say that "gopher" line with a straight face proves more than any season of 24 that this man is a consummate professional and an actor of the highest caliber. (Interestingly, Sutherland's name does not appear on the film's IMDB page.)

Marmaduke has a release date of June 4th, 2010. If this trailer is any indication of the final product, then I can safely suggest that on June 4th you be almost anywhere on Earth rather than in a theater with Marmaduke on the marquee.

Does anyone out there think this looks remotely entertaining, even as a kid's film?

Source: Yahoo Movies

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