Marlon Wayans Downplays Terry Crews' Talk of a White Chicks 2

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Contrary to what Terry Crews recently said, White Chicks 2 isn't official, at least not yet. 2004's original White Chicks film was met with a lot of criticism for its lowbrow humor and use of racial stereotypes for comedic purposes - criticism that might well be even louder if the same premise were used today - but as years pass it's become a favorite of many, and has gathered a pretty solid following.

White Chicks followed two black FBI agents, Kevin (Shawn Wayans) and Marcus Copeland (Marlon Wayans), who are forced to escort a pair of socialite sisters. Things take a turn and the Copeland brothers are forced to pose as the sisters, with whiteface makeup and all. Also part of the cast was Terry Crews, who played a basketball player that falls for one of the “sisters”. A few days ago, Crews said that a sequel to the film was in the works, but it turns out that things are not as settled as he made them seem.

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Via his Instagram account, Marlon Wayans set the record straight about a possible White Chicks 2. Alongside a pic of his character Tiffany Wilson from the dressing room scene, Wayans made it clear that they “don’t have a deal in place”, and so the sequel isn't happening - not yet, at least. The post has received a lot of attention from both fans and cast members, including Busy Philipps and Terry Crews himself.

A sequel was first announced in 2009, but was ultimately cancelled. Since then, Marlon Wayans has expressed interest in making the sequel happen, but it hasn’t gone past that. Since White Chicks, director Keenen Ivory Wayans continued working on comedy films such as Little Man, also starring his brothers Marlon and Shawn. As for them, Marlon has been part of comedies like Fifty Shades of Black and Naked, and Shawn has mostly worked on TV projects, most recently the animated comedy series Animals.

Terry Crews has also gone on to be part of a number of films, mostly comedy and action, but found his most popular role in the FOX TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He’s also a host on America’s Got Talent, but judging by his reaction to a potential White Chicks 2, he would find the time to join the Wayans brothers and company and reprise his role as Latrell Spencer. White Chicks came out during a time where socialites were the main focus of the media, and the writers knew how to use this to their favor. A lot has changed in over 10 years, but there are still a lot of pop culture elements that the creators could take to make a sequel more modern without losing that spark that made the first film a success (to its fans at least). It’s only a matter of waiting for the project to get the greenlight.

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