Mark Wahlberg Confirms He Will NOT Play 'The Crow'

After being rumored to play 'The Crow', actor Mark Wahlberg has confirmed he won't be headlining the upcoming franchise reboot.

In a move strongly contested by many, Mark Wahlberg was recently offered the role of The Crow in the upcoming franchise reboot. Shortly thereafter, news surfaced that Stephen Norrington departed the project, despite being set to direct the film from a script he was co-writing with Nick Cave.

Norrington cited a disagreement with an unnamed actor as his reason for departing The Crow. This still unnamed actor apparently demanded rewrites of the script Norrington was working on with Cave. Evidently Norrington didn't like that one bit.

All this aside, the possibility remained that Wahlberg could star as our newest incarnation of The Crow.

Well, those of you who shuddered at the thought of Wahlberg playing The Crow can now officially breathe a sigh of relief as Wahlberg has confirmed that he WON'T be taking on the role.

Speaking directly to Cinematical in a one-on-one interview last weekend, Wahlberg revealed the following:

"We never committed to making the movie... They talked to me about it and there was a director attached who I was a fan of, and he's no longer doing it. We just thought about it - 'is there something cool to be done there?' But we're not committed to making the movie."

So there you have it - we've heard (or rather, read) straight from the horse's mouth that Wahlberg won't be playing The Crow - at least for the foreseeable future. There's really no telling what will happen further on down the road. Note that Wahlberg only says he's not committed to making the movie, so it's entirely possibly he could end up involved again at some point in the future.

The Crow reboot Mark Wahlberg

However, for the time being, I think we can expect to see a Wahlberg-free Crow reboot, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's very glad to hear it. Now don't get me wrong, I really like Wahlberg as an actor. In certain roles - such as Boogie Nights, The Lovely Bones and particularly The Departed - he can be wonderful. But he just doesn't have the right presence to take on a role like The Crow, who is such an iconic character that throwing a star like Wahlberg in there just for the sake of having a big name wouldn't feel right at all.

For those hoping that Norrington will now come back onboard The Crow reboot, you are probably going to be disappointed. Although Norrington did leave because of an actor's script demands, that actor evidently wasn't Wahlberg, as Norrington previously said that he'd be in favour of him playing the character:

"I will say I think Wahlberg could be cool if they take a gritty blue-collar approach... He’s a truthful actor. I think he could really ground the supernatural stuff."

So until we hear otherwise, Wahlberg is not doing the film, which now begs the question of who should play The Crow instead. I will leave it up to you, our loyal Screen Rant readers, to throw out your suggestions in the comments :) .

More on The Crow reboot as news comes out.

Source: Cinematical

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