Mark Wahlberg Talks About Seth MacFarlane's 'Teddy Bear'

In October, we reported that Mark Wahlberg had signed on as the lead in Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's feature-length directorial debut, Teddy Bear (or Ted). The movie is a "Hard R" comedy revolving around a man and his beloved childhood teddy bear, voiced by MacFarlane.

Knowing MacFarlane's style, there will be nothing cute and cuddly about the teddy bear in Teddy Bear. More than likely, the film will push the limits of good taste and surely contain moments of "I can't believe he just said that" comedy.

In a recent interview with MTV for his new film The Fighter, Mark Wahlberg talked about the raunchiness of Teddy Bear and also expanded on the movie's plot. Check the pertinent quotes below, or skip ahead for the video interview.

Describing the film as "off-the-charts funny," Wahlberg explained the movie's plot saying

"It's about this kid who gets a bear for Christmas. And, you know, it's the '70s -- it's one of those Teddy Ruxpin-ish teddy bears where you squeeze it and it says, 'I love you!' The kid wishes and dreams that the bear would come alive -- and a Christmas wish must be granted -- and it does [come alive]...The bear becomes famous, and that's my ticket to getting things and living a life of privilege."

Wahlberg went on to explain that MacFarlane would not only be voicing the bear, but that he'd be performing the role via motion-capture similar to the way the actors performed in Avatar. Presumably, this will give MacFarlane a chance to push the limits even further.

Check out the interview with Wahlberg:

Count me neutral when it comes to this movie. I'm a huge Mark Wahlberg fan, but MacFarlane's humor can be a bit grating. I enjoy Family Guy sparingly, and I'm certainly no prude when it comes to comedy, but if the humor in this film is anything like MacFarlane's current offerings, I'm not sure I'll be interested.

On the other hand, it is MacFarlane's directorial debut, and everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the R-rating will unleash MacFarlane's creative sensibilities - raunchy though they may be - and provide an unexpected comedy gem. Only time will tell. If it doesn't work out, I'll just have to look forward to Wahlberg in Uncharted.

Source: MTV

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