Mark Wahlberg and Brothers Say Goodbye to Wahlburgers TV Show

Wahlberg Brothers at Wahlburgers

Actor Mark Wahlberg and his brothers, Donnie and Paul, will soon be saying goodbye to their A&E reality TV show Wahlburgers. The series has had a long, successful run, but sadly will be coming to an end after the 10th season airs this summer.

Premiering in February 2014, Wahlburgers follows the lives of the famous Wahlberg brothers (Donnie and Mark first found fame with their '80s group New Kids on the Block and their brother Paul is a successful chef), capturing both their personal lives and the ups and downs of running their casual-dining burger business, a chain of more than 30 restaurants all over the U.S. The first Wahlburgers restaurant opened in Hingham, Massachusetts, the boys' home state, back in 2014. Since, the brand has blown up - in addition to their long-running reality TV show. Now, more than five years and 80 episodes later, the Wahlbergs will say goodbye to their loyal viewers.

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In an announcement earlier this year, the brothers revealed that the current season, Season 10, would be the show's last. Donnie called it an "amazing journey" and Mark said filming the series and opening up their restaurants was an "incredible experience," but it was time to end the show. Now, toward the end of the current season, the family is getting ready to say their goodbyes. A lot has happened already in Season 10, including Mark and Paul working on expanding their restaurant chain overseas. The siblings headed to Germany to open a restaurant on a U.S. military base there, which they'd like to do all over the world. Their mother, Alma, also had a big moment this season when she appeared on a national TV show to talk about her sons.

Brother Donnie has also been busy working on his own project - opening up his own Wahlburgers location in his hometown, St. Charles, Illinois. In addition, this season will end with the brothers fulfilling Alma's dream by opening up a Wahlburgers location in the town she raised them in, Dorchester, Massachusetts - ending the series in the same state where it all began. Following the series' finale, the Wahlberg brothers will move on with their own projects. All of them will continue to expand their restaurant brand, of course, while Mark will also take on other ventures, including possibly replacing Chris Evans in the upcoming sci-fi film Infinite

Fans recently got to take a look back at all that's happened to the Wahlbergs the past five years in a special episode of the show - and soon they'll see the Wahlberg family say goodbye on the series finale, airing August 17. The good news is, whenever viewers are getting nostalgic for the show, they'll always be able to swing by any Wahlburgers location to visit their favorite TV family.

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Source: Boston Globe

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