Mark Strong Confirmed as Green Lantern's Sinestro

A while back we saw a surge of casting news for the one DC film project we at least can confirm is happening, Green Lantern. Joining Ryan Reynolds who is starring as the title character would be Blake Lively as his love interest, Peter Sarsgaard as the villain Dr. Hector Hammond, and Tim Robbins as the villain's father, Senator Hammond.

It was also revealed by director Martin Campbell that Mark Strong was in talks to play Sinestro, who Green Lantern fans know as the main villain of the series. In this movie, it seems he my not be the villain just yet, and instead will play a mentoring role for the main character, to be set up as the key villain in the sequel(s).

Comic Book, TV and even video game writer Geoff Johns of DC Comics was recently bumped up to Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment. He tweeted today what we can look at as confirmation that Mark Strong is on board as Sinestro. Here's what he said:

"Back from an amazing trip to Green Lantern town a.k.a. New Orleans!! Ryan IS Hal. And Mark Strong is going to be a brilliant Sinestro."

Kilowog, the Guardians, Oa...all breathtaking. The age of Green Lantern is upon us!!"

There you have it, Mark Strong will be in Green Lantern and I'm excited to see him as a mentor of sorts for Ryan Reynolds' character.

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Green Lantern opens June 17, 2011. Director Martin Campbell and his award-winning crew get to work in March.

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