Mark Ruffalo Accidentally Live-Streamed Part of Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok star Mark Ruffalo accidentally live-streamed a portion of the film on social media while attending the world premiere. Pirating movies has been a major issue in the movie industry that studios have been trying to stop for years, but this time, it came from a surprising source. Few would have expected the Hulk actor to be the guilty party.

Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok is the third solo outing for Chris Hemsworth's Thor. Said to be one of the most important Marvel movies yet, the movie will take Thor on a far-different journey than previous films by having most of the movie take place away from Earth. After his prized hammer, Mjolnir, is destroyed by the Goddess of Death, Hela, Thor will be forced to fight the Hulk in a gladiator battle. Later, the two Avengers will fight along Loki and Valkyrie in an attempt to return to Asgard and defeat Hela.

According to THR, audio from Thor: Ragnarok was accidentally streamed by Mark Ruffalo during a screening for the film. During the Los Angeles world premiere held on Tuesday night at the El Capitan Theatre, Ruffalo, who stars in the film as the Hulk, came onto the stage after being introduced by fellow cast member Jeff Goldbum, acting in character as the Grandmaster. While receiving much applause, Ruffalo held up his phone to the audience to capture the moment using Instagram Live. Afterward, Ruffalo put the phone back in his pocket, completely unaware that the app was still running.

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Around 2,500 fans were on the stream and able to listen to audio from the film, along with sounds of laughter from Ruffalo and the crowd. Fans listening in commented about how long it would take for Ruffalo to end the stream.

The stream cut off at around 8:15, though it's not clear if it cut off on its own or if Ruffalo had noticed it was still on.

Despite this mistake, Marvel actually takes great care to avoid pirating. At the world premiere, security staff locked audience members' phones in sealed pouches before they were allowed to enter the theater. Their phones were returned after the screening was over. The rule seems like an effective way to prevent pirating, but obviously it doesn't account for the studio's actors.

Though it's rare for an actor to accidentally live stream their own movie, it's not the most notable example. In March, security escorted original Green Ranger Jason David Frank out of the Los Angeles premiere of Power Rangers after the actor was caught trying to film his cameo with his iPhone.

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Source: THR

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