Marvel Star Mark Ruffalo Wants To Make A Hulk vs. Wolverine MCU Movie

Mark Ruffalo, who plays the MCU's Bruce Banner/Hulk, thinks his character should face off against Logan/Wolverine in a future Marvel film.

Star of the MCU Mark Ruffalo has an idea of who the Hulk should battle next: Wolverine. Though Edward Norton first took on the role of Bruce Banner/the Hulk for Marvel's The Incredible Hulk, Ruffalo's portrayal is more popular with fans. His turn as Professor Hulk in Avengers: Endgame is especially beloved, considering that it lent some much-needed levity to the film. Ruffalo's Hulk hasn't received a standalone film yet, but he's appeared in all four Avengers movies, as well as for a scene-stealing turn in Thor: Ragnarok.

Wolverine, on the other hand, has received many standalone films as part of 20th Century Fox's X-Men film series. Hugh Jackman plays Logan/Wolverine and has for almost twenty years. However, the critically acclaimed film Logan, which came out in 2017, will likely be his last appearance as Wolverine. Jackman has been adamant he's done playing the character, even ruling out a potential cameo in a Deadpool film. However, now that Disney/Marvel has control of the X-Men, it seems likely we'll see another Wolverine film at some point.

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Ruffalo is certainly hoping so. According to ComicBook, Ruffalo spoke at Tokyo Comic-Con about ideas he had for Hulk's future in the MCU. One story he named was "Hulk vs. Wolverine. I'd like to see that." This isn't the first time Ruffalo has expressed interest in the two heroes meeting, either. Last year, he named Wolverine the character he'd most like to see Hulk interact with, saying, "I think that would be a really great combo." At the time, he was referencing Jackman's Wolverine specifically, though this time around he didn't mention any specific actor.

A Hulk/Wolverine fight wouldn't be off course at all from what's been depicted in the Marvel comics. In fact, Wolverine makes his debut in The Incredible Hulk comic and is also a member of the Avengers. Additionally, there's a series specifically about the two characters facing off, titled Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. In it, Nick Fury hires Wolverine to take care of Hulk after he causes mass destruction. The two then spend time trying to get the upper hand on one another. However, remarkably, they end the comic series on good terms after Fury calls off Wolverine. Hulk even ends up giving his former enemy a ride to the nearest town.

With such a rich history between the Hulk and Wolverine, it's no surprise that he's Ruffalo's pick for who he would like to go up against the Hulk. Fans got a taste of Hulk in battle mode during Thor: Ragnarok, but it also left them wanting more. Though it's unknown if or when Wolverine will turn back up onscreen, any potential appearance would mark the character's first in the MCU. If Ruffalo has his way, fans will see a Hulk vs. Wolverine battle sooner rather than later.

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Source: ComicBook

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