Mark Millar Talks Wanted 2

I know opinion is pretty split on Timur Bekmambetov's Wanted: I personally found it to be a boatload of fun from start to finish with its ridiculous action sequences, over-the-top violence and knife sharp (often sarcastic) dialogue particularly from the main character played by James McAvoy. But I know there are those who didn't find enjoyment in it or at least were disappointed (Screen Rant head honcho Vic Holtreman to name one) and that's fair enough.

But whatever you thought of Wanted, a sequel was pretty much inevitable considering the film made about $340 million worldwide on a budget of $75 million. If you're interested in Wanted 2, you're in luck as creator of the original graphic novel and fellow Scotsman, Mark Millar, recently spoke to IGN about what he thought of the first movie, in particular how he felt about the changes that were made in the adaptation from page to screen, and what direction the sequel is going to go in.

Rather than repeating what Millar says you can just watch the 4-plus minute video interview for yourself. Here it is, courtesy of IGN:

(BTW, if you've been reading Screen Rant for a while and ever wanted to know what any of the writers sound like - Millar's accent is pretty much the same as mine :) )

Wanted is one of those films I don't think NEEDS a sequel - if they left it at one I would be absolutely fine with that, because it works well as a standalone story. But at the same time, I wouldn't mind a sequel either, simply because there's a lot of stuff there to play with. I like the idea of bringing in other fraternities from around the world (a story point of the graphic novel) because it gives the film a chance to take the Bourne route and travel the world, as well as the potential for lots of new kick-ass assassin characters. The latter makes me think it could be some sort of globe-trotting version of Smokin' Aces where they're all after James McAvoy's character.

What I can't really understand right now is how they're going to bring back Angelina Jolie's character after [SPOILER ALERT!] she took a bullet to the head at the end of the first one. Director Timur Bekmambetov spoke about that last year and hinted her resurrection may have something to do with the wax baths we saw heal McAvoy's wounds. Even for Wanted that's stretching things just a bit, no?

Thoughts on a sequel to Wanted? Does it need one? Do you like the direction Millar says the second one is going in?

As Millar stated in the video, Wanted 2 should start filming quite soon. We'll keep you updated as to exactly when and when we will see it hit theaters.

Source: IGN

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