Mark Millar’s Nemesis Movie Adaptation Moving Forward

Mark Millar's Nemesis comic book movie adaptation is moving forward as one of the projects at Sue Kroll's new production label. Dubbed the anti-Batman, the titular character (whose alter-ego is Matt Anderson) uses his wealth to assume the persona of a supervillain who is out for revenge against the cops who imprisoned his parents. It's not the typical superhero story found in comic book films nowadays, but perhaps it's the palate cleanser that everybody doesn't know they wanted, but actually needed.

It's been a rough process to get Nemesis' production going, as it has been faced several setbacks. The late Tony Scott was rumored to helm the film early in its development, before Millar announced that Joe Carnahan was onboard to both write and direct. In 2013, The Grey director finished the movie's screenplay, with Millar having nothing but great things to say about it. The next year, Carnahan was still talking highly about the project, promising that it has the potential to shake up the superhero genre. Unfortunately, there has been no significant development on the Nemesis adaptation since then - until now.

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THR is reporting that Kroll, after working for 24 years at Warner Bros., is stepping down and launching her own production company, Kroll & Co. Entertainment. In partnership with several veteran executives, the label will be producing a slew of projects, among them being Nemesis (which Ridley Scott and Jules Daly are developing in a producer capacity). Here is the statement on the matter issued by Kroll:

“My passion for film and television and for telling great stories is not only the cornerstone of my wonderful career, but has also been a huge part of my life since I was a young girl enthralled by the moving image. I am excited to be collaborating in this new capacity with amazing, visionary filmmakers, many of whom I have known and worked with, and to also champion new and unique voices. This is just the beginning."

In addition to Nemesis, Kroll is also working on The Six Billion Dollar Man - the Mark Wahlberg-starrer based on the 1970s TV series. Filming is all set to start this summer, with a release date of May 2019. Kroll joins already onboard producers Stephen Levinson, Bill Gerber, Scott Faye and Karen Lauder on the project. Other films on her docket include the big screen adaptation of YA novel The Selection (which is being developed by producers Denise Di Novi and Pouya Shahbazian), as well as an untitled Sandra Bullock comedy, which the actress and  Michael Bostick are producing.

Take note, however, that this is by no means a confirmation that fans will see Nemesis on the big screen soon. After almost 4 years of no word regarding the project, this update simply confirms that the project is still moving forward and hasn't fallen off the rails entirely. There's no word yet regarding casting or if Carnahan's script draft is going to be used (much less if he's still attached to direct) but with the golden age of comic book film adaptations upon Hollywood, Nemesis has a better chance of being made now more than ever before.

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We will bring you more information on Nemesis as the story develops.

Source: THR

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