Mark Millar: Joe Carnahan to Direct 'Nemesis'; 'Secret Service' Waiting on Matthew Vaughn

Mark Millar Nemesis Secret Service Update

Though Mark Millar's comic books Kick-Ass and Wanted are the ones most associated with his name, there are several other properties the high profile writer has under his belt. Many of them may not be getting off the ground with film adaptations just yet but two of them, Nemesis and The Secret Service, are moving closer and closer to production.

To give fans a heads-up on how those particular projects are doing, Millar gave an update at his personal site over the weekend saying that Nemesis has found its director in The Grey helmer, Joe Carnahan. As some might know, Carnahan just recently saw his dreams of rejuvenating Daredevil for the big screen dashed, but thankfully he'll be able to roll a successful pitch into another superhero property.Despite Millar's claims about the progress made with Nemesis, though, the project still has yet to be greenlit. Representatives from Fox have met with Carnahan, and like his take on the property, but that's all we know.

Given the narrative in Nemesis, which follows a supervillain bent on taking down the US Government, we don't expect Carnahan to reuse any of the ideas explored in his take on Daredevil. But for anyone that hasn't seen the sizzle reel for the canned project, make sure to check it out.

In addition to an update on Nemesis, Millar also wanted to bring fans up to speed on the progress being made with his other superhero project The Secret Service. For Secret Service, Millar is reteaming with Kick-Ass Director Matthew Vaughn to tell the story of a British secret agent who trains his nephew.

The Secret Service Cover

Millar says that as soon as Vaughn wraps his work on X-Men: First Class 2, which will follow the Days of Future Past storyline, they can begin planning out Secret Service. Millar also reports that the production is courting Mark Hamill to reprise his cameo from the first issue of the comic.

But don't expect Secret Service to get off the ground that fast, Vaughn still has quite a large commitment to X-Men.

"It'll be eighteen months at least before we get into a 'Secret Service' movie since 'X-Men 2' is such a huge commitment for Matthew."

It's been quite a while since we've heard an update from Millar on either of these projects, but apparently processes are being put in place to at least ensure some pre-production begins on both films. Nemesis appears to be the more likely candidate to release first, maybe with Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt in a starring role, with Carnahan currently in a holding pattern since Daredevil.


Source: Mark Millar (via Superhero Hype)

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