Mark Millar Teases Next Netflix Millarworld Project

Mark Millar has offered a cryptic and timely tease for his next Millarworld project for Netflix. After Netflix acquired Millarworld in August of 2017, the streaming giant seems poised to bring viewers an entirely new world of experiences both on and offscreen in the form of comic books and original comic properties from the comic book author.

Millar, known for his comic work on Civil War and the comic arc of Old Man Logan, has brought multiple original titles to the big screen. Titles like Kick-Ass, Wanted, and the film franchise The Secret Service have enthralled audiences, but Netflix aims to do all of that and more with Millar's properties. Beginning with their first comic book, The Magic OrderNetflix seems poised to create an original library of comic content similar, yet wholly different, to competitors like Disney and Warner Bros. with their Marvel and DC franchises.

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On Twitter, Millar teased his second collaboration with Netflix after The Magic Order. The creator posted an image of an hourglass and promises that fans would know more in December once the marketing department announced more information. While the speculation is already beginning, posting an image of an hourglass might point to Chrononauts, an Image Comics series created by Millar and artist Sean Gordon Murphy.

Chrononauts is the story of Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly, two scientists whose first-time travel experiment goes awry leading them to hop throughout history and throw the time stream into disarray. With shows like Legends of Tomorrow getting crossovers and shows like Doctor Who being perpetually in the public eye, kicking off the Millarworld's small screen explorations with a series as fun as Chrononauts seems like a safe bet to be considered for anyone speculating.

It's not confirmed, however, and an hourglass could allude to any number of other Millar properties or simply be a sign of "wait and be patient" for people watching for future signs of the Millarworld catalog. The creator has a number of other more popular projects that could draw more viewers, particularly if they built off the success of any of the other big-screen franchises like Kick-Ass or Kingsman.

With Millar's The Magic Order on the way, however, and a studio that's generated fan-favorite hits like Stranger Things, any original property stamped with Millar's magic and Netflix's special touch is sure to be a hit, even if it's a property people don't know well. Whatever the dynamic pairing has planned for audiences they thankfully don't have to waste much time waiting for news.

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Source: Mark Millar/Twitter

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