Mark Millar Says 'Starlight' Script is Complete & 'Chrononauts' Has a Lead Actor

Chrononauts and Starlight update

Matthew Vaughn's R rated spy movie Kingsman: The Secret Service scored big at the box office earlier this year, more than making up for Kick-Ass 2's disappointing turnout and giving Hollywood new reason to put projects based on Millarworld comics back on the front burner. The line of original comics created by writer Mark Millar have proven to be a big draw for movie studios, and at this point there are few titles that haven't been either adapted or optioned.

Now Millar has offered updates on the status of two movie adaptations that are currently in development: Starlight, the story of retired space hero Duke McQueen who leaves his quiet life on Earth for one last adventure, which is being made by Twentieth Century Fox; and Chrononauts, a sci-fi adventure about a pair of brash time travelers called Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly who take the "first televised steps through the time-stream," which is in development at Universal Pictures.

Speaking in an interview with JoBlo, Millar said that he believes Chrononauts and Starlight will be the next Millarworld properties to hit theaters, based on how quickly they're currently moving forward. The comic book creator revealed that Star Wars: Rogue One writer Gary Whitta has completed the script for Starlight, and also claimed that Chrononauts has already found one of its two male leads.

"I think they'll probably be made at the same time as Kingsman 2, if not even before. I think Starlight's screenplay is finished now, it was written by Gary Whitta, he finished the screenplay a couple of weeks back and we're just moving forward now looking for a director. Chrononauts, there's one of the actors already and we're just looking for the second guy. Those two I think are the most likely to be the next two out, and then we should have another three ready to roll next year as well."

Although Millar's claim that Chrononauts already has an actor onboard doesn't necessarily mean that a deal has been signed, it is interesting that Universal is apparently prioritizing landing a lead actor before finding a director. Then again, it does make sense for this kind of movie, since Corbin and Danny's personalities will be a big part of what sells Chrononauts to audiences. Think of how Star-Lord was used as a major hook for marketing Guardians of the Galaxy - Universal could take a similar approach.

Millar was less forthcoming about Kingsman: The Secret Service 2, which is (unsurprisingly) said to be moving forward at Fox. "Matthew's been putting some ideas together at the moment," Millar said, adding that he himself is not particularly involved with the sequel at this point in time. "At the moment, it's just some set-pieces and some ideas, but... there's nothing close to a finished thing yet."

The other three movies that Millar mentioned are probably Superior, Nemesis and Jupiter's Legacy, the latter of which Millar is co-producing with Lorenzo di Bonaventura. Superior and Nemesis have both lain dormant for a while, but Millar has previously said that he's hopefully the success of Kingsman: The Secret Service will kick them back to life.

We'll keep you updated on Starlight and Chrononauts as development continues.

Source: JoBlo (via CBM)

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