Mark Hamill & William Shatner Banter About Porgs

William Shatner and Mark Hamill had a little back and forth about Porgs on Twitter. It has been less than 24 hours since the most recent trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi dropped and the fans are thrilled. There has been more than 13 million views of the trailer on YouTube already. But there has been a second, interesting reaction to the trailer, due to a shot of an adorable little creature called a Porg.

While fans have known for awhile that Porgs were going to be in the movie, this little guy showing up in the trailer seems to have set off a chain reaction both of adoring fans who love them and passionate detractors who think they take away from the dark and intense story. Porg-mania seems to have swept the internet, with fan art, photoshopped posters, and other tributes popping up like crazy. Even though director Rian Johnson promises that Porgs have a place in the story, some fans remain skeptical.

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And one of them took to Twitter to share that opinion. William Shatner took one look at a fan-made poster where every character was replaced by a Porg, and tweeted to Mark Hamill that Star Wars appeared to be jumping the shark. Well, there was no way that Luke Skywalker was going to let Captain Kirk insult his franchise, and he tweeted his own opinion back:

I think @starwars has officially jumped the shark. ?? Wasn’t @HamillHimself supposed to be in this movie? ?

— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) October 10, 2017

I think @WilliamShatner has officially jumped the snark.?? You've got your BORGS, Bill- I've got my PORGS, OK? ? #TheFarceIsStrongInShatner

— @HamillHimself (@HamillHimself) October 10, 2017

Both Shatner and Hamill are known for their clever snark on Twitter. Whether it's Shatner live-tweeting his favorite TV shows or Hamill reading tweets from Donald Trump in the voice of the Joker, both are dedicated to amusing their fans on social media. And the fans responded as well, taking sides in the battle, adding new fan art (including a drawing of a Borg assimilated Porg that's worth scrolling down for), pointing out that Kirk never faced the Borg himself, or calling out Shatner because one of the most popular episodes ever of Star Trek was 'The Trouble with Tribbles' - which, of course, also starred some adorable furry little creatures.

While Shatner may joke that the Porgs are causing Star Wars to jump the shark, the truth is that the franchise has a history of adorable creatures dating from the days of the Ewoks to the recent introduction of BB-8. Cute aliens and droids have always been a part of Star Wars. So love them or hate them, it looks like the Porgs are on their way. And odds are they probably won't be the last adorable species to be introduced in the franchise.

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