Joker & Trickster Kidnap Mark Hamill in Justice League Action

Legendary voice actor (and Star Wars icon) Mark Hamill voices every single character in a new installment of Justice League Action Shorts, the web series companion to Cartoon Network’s Justice League Action animated show. The short (and seriously silly) scene sees The Joker and The Trickster kidnap Mark Hamill, only to be foiled by his voice acting skills and an assist from Swamp Thing.

This is the second clip to circulate the web featuring Hamill’s take on Swamp Thing, with the slimy antihero being the latest iconic DC character to join his impressive roster of voices. Hamill, of course, has been providing the Joker’s villainous vocal chords across animation and video games for years. He has also portrayed The Trickster in live-action form in both TV versions of The Flash.

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Now, the Justice League Action team has decided to have a bit of fun with the fact that Hamill has voiced so many DC characters over the years. Getting into the spirit of things, Hamill shared the clip on Twitter, describing the experience as “The only time I've ever done anything while I was sleeping with the entire cast.”

This short scene, titled “Missing the Mark”, opens with an animated version of Hamill hailing an Uber, before being picked up by The Joker. He tries to escape, only to be blocked by The Trickster. A car chase ensues, with the GCPD hot on The Joker’s heels. Hamill uses his voice acting talent to trick The Joker and The Trickster into arguing, which leads them straight into the path of Swamp Thing.

Of course, this isn’t intended as a serious piece of DC drama. It’s a fun-filled treat for fans of Hamill’s vocal skills, and on that level it really delivers. The two-minute clip is an awesome example of what Hamill can do. The Joker calling The Trickster a “Bush League” baddie is sure to raise a smile among DC fans.

However, as fresh an idea as this may seem, it isn’t the first time that a Justice League Action clip has poked fun at previous DC Comics adaptations: back in July, the show took a pot shot at Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie, pointing out the flawed logic of the divisive DC film. The show’s light-hearted tone really suits this kind of playful ribbing, and it will be interesting to see what it makes fun of next.

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Justice League Action airs on Saturdays on Cartoon Network.

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