Mark Hamill's Star Citizen Character Introduced in Squadron 42 Teaser

This time without an X-Wing and R2-D2, Mark Hamill's no-nonsense Star Citizen in the upcoming Squadron 42 is revealed in a new trailer.

Squadron 42 - Mark Hamill's Star Citizen character

Ever wonder what would happen if Luke Skywalker wouldn’t have gone on to be a Jedi and instead stuck with Rogue Squadron to be a life-time rebel pilot? Wonder no more - Mark Hamill is Lieutenant Commander Steve ‘Old Man’ Colton in the upcoming Squadron 42, a campaign planned for release in 2016 based in the Star Citizen universe.

Although there were rumors flying around that he was going to be in Star Citizen (despite his best efforts), Mark Hamill recently flew to London for a “top-secret project” and donned a motion capture suit with a handful of other actors for in-game cutscenes and voice acting. Despite the discomfort and how ridiculous he felt in the mo-cap suit, Mark was quoted as saying that the virtual sets “were just awesome.   

Star Citizen is a space simulation video game planned to be released in 2016. Its ambitious scope hopes to bring several video game genres usually seen on their own into the mix, including first-person-shooter elements and space trading within the confines of an MMO. Squadron 42, the campaign where Hamill will be starring in, is planned to be released in multiple chapters. The first is planned to have roughly 20 hours of gameplay and a planned release date of early 2016 - the second and third chapters will come later in 2016 and 2017 and all three chapters host a smorgasbord of actors; including, Andy Serkis, Gary Oldman, and Gillian Anderson.

This isn’t the first time that Chris Roberts, the owner of Cloud Imperium Games Corporation and one of the head minds behind Star Citizen, and Mark Hamill have worked together. Wing Commander starred Hamill as protagonist Col. Christopher Blair - this time he’s been demoted to a “sidekick throughout the game.” With fond memories of working with Roberts, Hamill agreed without a script and thinking twice (to his agent’s chagrin). This is also far from Hamill’s first foray into voice-acting - since 1992 he’s been the voice of the notorious Batman villain the Joker in the animated series, in further spin-off series and in video games as well as a plethora of other roles after his performance as the Joker put him into high demand.

For more, check out the Squadron 42 interview and featurette, below:

Though it’s in a fighter without R2-D2 with him and not utilizing his iconic laughter as the Joker, it’s amazing to hear the vocal range that Hamill is able to pull off and to see just how detailed and well-animated the studio behind Star Citizen are making its characters. The crowdfunded project has already hit a mind-blowing $91 million dollars as of October 2015 - and with Robert’s pedigree of Wing Commander, the astounding cast as well as the amazing visuals already shown, Star Citizen is definitely something to watch the horizon for. If your PC can handle it.

Star Citizen currently allows for backers of the project to view their ships and participate in ship-against-ship combat with future modules planned. Squadron 42, the single-player campaign storyline, is planned for release in 2016 with additional modules available later in the year and in 2017.

Source: Star Citizen

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