Mark Hamill Pranks Star Wars Fans as Darth Vader

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill plays Darth Vader and others to prank fans in a clever video to promote the Force For Change contest.

Mark Hamill Darth Vader

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill played his "father" Darth Vader and others to prank fans in a clever video to promote the newest Force For Change contest. Hamill, whose farm boy-turned-galactic hero Luke Skywalker was introduced to moviegoers 40 years ago this May 25, has been enjoying a renaissance of the classic character since he appeared in the pivotal last scene of The Force Awakens in 2015. Of course, the debut of the trailer of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi officially confirmed that Luke will be at the center of the film, which he chatted with fans and journalists about (as much as he could, anyway) at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando last month.

A few days before he descended upon the celebration, Hamill and his new trilogy co-star Daisy Ridley announced a new Force For Change initiative to celebrate the past, present, and future of the Star Wars saga by partnering with Omaze for three-part contest. In a video released by Star Wars' YouTube channel Wednesday, unsuspecting Star Wars fans were brought into a studio to read lines from the classic trilogy and The Force Awakens for a video celebrating Star Wars 40th anniversary. They were on video, alright, but it was for a surprising way to help Hamill spread the word about Force For Change.

In most instances, Hamill sneaked up behind the fans during their "scenes," (he screamed, "Noooooo! That's impossible!" with one fan), while other times he participated in the scenes, including one where he was wearing a Darth Vader mask, before he pulled it off to reveal his true identity (the fan, who was playing Luke, ironically said before recreating the "I am your father" scene that his favorite Star Wars character was Darth Vader). Another scene finds a fan playing Rey in the final scene of The Force Awakens, where Hamill reveals himself to the woman as, well, Luke Skywalker.

Mark Hamill Darth Vader

The Force For Change contest includes three Star Wars dream packages, including a chance to screen the original Star Wars at Lucasfilm ranch; tickets to attend the premiere of The Last Jedi, and the opportunity to visit the set of the upcoming untitled young Han Solo movie and have the chance to appear on film. A grand prize winner, who will will be selected at the end of the Force For Change contest, will win all three experiences. Fans can the enter contest, donate funds and follow updates at Omaze. As a bonus, Hamill says in the new video that he'll have lunch with all the winners.

It's great to see Hamill having such a blast in the new Force For Change video and giving Star Wars fans memories of a lifetime in return. He clearly loves the entire Star Wars experience and the shenanigans behind it sometimes (he previously disguised himself as a Stormtrooper for the Force For Change initiative before The Force Awakens), so fans be ready: the next person you meet behind that Darth Vader mask may have the power of The Force.

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