Jon Hamm is a Hologram in the New Marjorie Prime Trailer

A trailer for the upcoming drama Marjorie Prime, starring Jon Hamm, has been released online. Death is one aspect of the human experience that all people are guaranteed to participate in, even though said participation is usually unwilling. Naturally, the topic of death - and the grief it then causes for those who remain - has inspired countless great films, TV shows, books, and other types of popular culture. That especially holds true for the horror and sci-fi genres, where normally exaggerated natures lead to stories in which death isn't necessarily the final end that it is in real life.

Anyone who has lost someone they love has no doubt wished that for even a short time, they could have that person back in their lives. Well, that's exactly the service offered to grieving people in the upcoming sci-fi drama Marjorie Prime, set to arrive in theaters next month. Written and directed by Michael Almereyda - and based on an acclaimed stage play of the same name - Marjorie Prime presents a world in which deceased loved ones can be recreated in hologram form, based on how they're remembered by those they've left behind.

A critical darling, Marjorie Prime made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival, earning positive reviews from those in attendance. FilmRise then picked up the film for distribution, and now the first trailer for Majorie Prime is presented above. Sporting an impressive cast, Marjorie Prime focuses on the titular character (Lois Smith), who is reunited with a younger version of her recently deceased husband Walter (Jon Hamm) via one of the aforementioned holograms.

Geena Davis and Tim Robbins also star in Marjorie Prime as Tess and Jon, the daughter and son-in-law of Marjorie and Walter. As made clear by the above trailer, Davis' Tess is put off by the amount of time her mother spends with Walter's hologram self, although it's a bit unclear how much of that is due to concern for her mom and how much is due to pure jealousy on her part.

The premise of Marjorie Prime has drawn understandable comparisons to Black Mirror, which memorably featured an episode in season 2 called "Be Right Back," in which a widow was able to be reunited with her husband via the use of an artificial replica whose personality was based on the man's videos, photos, and electronic correspondence. Interestingly enough, Hamm himself starred in a particularly memorable episode of Black Mirror entitled "White Christmas," furthering the parallels between the two properties. One hopes that Marjorie's story will end up a lot less depressing than most Black Mirror episodes do though.

Source: FilmRise

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  • Marjorie Prime (2017) release date: Aug 18, 2017
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