Mario Tennis Aces Update Will Nerf Overpowered Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. Mario Tennis Aces nerf

A new update for Nintendo's Mario Tennis Aces will nerf the overpowered Bowser Jr. and make matches in the sports simulator fairer for all. While Bowser Jr. might not look like the most powerful player on the court, he is proving hard to topple in the tournaments as he wipes out an impressive roster of Mario faces that include the former plumber and even Daddy Bowser.

Since the game's launch in June, fans have been outspoken about the unfair advantages some characters seem to have over others. Notably, both Waluigi and Bowser Jr. have been criticized for their impressive defensive stance and ability to reach beyond other characters to almost any ball on the court. Not one to be accused of ignoring its fans, Nintendo is keen to address at least some of these issues before players start throwing down their rackets.

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According to Nintendo, the July 19 Version 1.1.2 update will level the playing field by slowing down how quickly the tiny terror can move and by softening his notoriously violent return shot. These are set to be the first of yet more changes to the Koopa kid, which Nintendo promises to bring onto the court before Mario Tennis Aces' August Tournament.

Bowser Jr. Mario Tennis Aces gameplay

Bowser Jr. has been topping tournaments so far, which has led to criticism online from players. One fan even dubbed the game trash on Twitter as they sailed through a tournament just on the sheer luck of using the superpowered Bowser Jr. Mario Tennis Aces has thankfully realized the problem, and unlike Star Wars Battlefront II removing an overpowered Emperor Palpatine, Bowser Jr. is being tweaked without massively affecting the game.

Elsewhere in the V 1.1.2 update, trick shot spamming should be phased out as the space needed to land them is significantly reduced and the energy levels are also adjusted. Those who hit a trick shot last-minute will also be penalized as it will take up more energy than before. Finally, it will take less time to recover energy in general and body shots can only be inflicted once the ball has already bounced.

Other characters primed for an overdue nerfing are the aforementioned Waluigi and Boo, meaning that the more dainty characters like Peach, Toad, and Daisy should be in with a fairer chance in the near future. Either way, Nintendo is continuing to support Mario Tennis Aces ahead of more character releases and that big upcoming tournament. If anyone hasn't already picked up their rackets, head to Mario Tennis Aces on the Nintendo Switch to try out a more humble Bowser Jr. moving forward.

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Source: Nintendo

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