Mario Kart Tour's Tokyo Event Kicks Off This Week

Mario Kart Tour

The first major event addition to Mario Kart Tour is set to arrive this week, adding a handful of new things for players to enjoy. There's been a lot of controversy surrounding Nintendo's latest mobile title since its launch. These complaints are largely targeted at the game's penchant for pursuing real-world cash from its user base through controversial gacha mechanics. This doesn't appear to have impacted the success of the game at all, however, as Mario Kart Tour surpassed $1 million in revenue in just 24 hours.

This upward projection is expected to continue with several big in-game events planned for the future of the title. Admittedly, many players are still scratching their heads about the whereabouts of playable fan-favorites like Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi, Nintendo has pulled the curtain back on its next event. While New York already appears in Tour, this new event will take gamers to Tokyo, Japan.

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Start your engines, because the Mario Kart Tour's next event will kick off on Wednesday, October 9th at 2am EST. According to the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account, the arrival of this event brings with it a brand-new track set in the Japanese city of Tokyo. These should provide a nice change of pace for anyone growing tired of the existing lineup of race tracks. Not stopping there, the new event will supply players with a handful of additional retro tracks that they can bomb through.

Also included in this event is a Japan-themed Mario character, which can be unlocked through Mario Kart Tour's gacha-themed Warp Pipe system. Presumably, it will be quite rare if past event costumes are anything to go by. Other karts and gliders will also be rotated in for players to unlock in the game, although no one is quite sure what they will be yet. Finally, the official new indicates that more racers be added outside of the costumed Mario; although the identities of these cast additions remain unknown as of this writing.

As for the ongoing New York-themed event, those items and characters will be shelved for the time being. Nintendo has clarified that there's a possibility that they could return in the future, but for now, the focus will be on everything that comes with Mario Kart Tour's latest event. Anyone that's eager to get a few more of the unlockable items in their possession or challenges completed ahead of the deadline can still do so before Wednesday. Just keep in mind that time is not an ally as the Tokyo event draws nearer.

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Source: Twitter - Mario Kart Tour

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