16 Things You Never Knew About Waluigi

From the ancient pyramids in Giza to the stone heads on Easter Island, the world is full of mysteries and secrets that we have yet to uncover. Archeologists spend their lives trying to understand these enigmas, but alas, they still remain a mystery.

The world of video games is no different. Gamers comb through video games to find secret levels, hidden Easter eggs, and objects that hint to a character’s backstory. There are still many mysteries yet to be uncovered in the realm of gaming, but the holy grail of enigmas is the pink-nosed, lanky fashionista known as Waluigi.

There is no other video game character that is less understood or underrepresented than the villain that helps Wario stir up trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom. He is the least important character in the Mario Universe and often left behind and uncared for, leaving most of his past a mystery.

Where did he come from? What is his relationship to Wario? What are his unique powers? What makes him tick? Finally, all of these questions will be answered. Join us as we dive into Mushroom Kingdom and unveil the secrets behind the mysterious and devious character of Waluigi.

It’s Waluigi Time! Here are the 16 Things You Never Knew About Waluigi.

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16 He's Smarter than Wario

Featured Waluigi Moustache Twirl

It always appears as though Wario is the mastermind behind the duo’s evil schemes while Waluigi is simply an aloof sidekick. This is because Waluigi is constantly portrayed in Nintendo games as a comic relief character who can’t stop making idiotic and foolish decisions.

However, this portray is just an allusion, and instead, Waluigi is the brains while Wario acts as the brawns. According to the Japanese Nintendo 64 Mario Tennis website, Waluigi is actually smarter than his stubby partner Wario. The site also goes on to state that he prefers to use his brains when solving problems rather than his muscles like Wario.

This is a direct contrast to how many people perceive Waluigi throughout the games, but makes for an interesting dynamic and role reversal.

15 He was created for the Sole Purpose of Being Wario's Doubles Partner

Waluigi is constantly seen as an inconsequential background character and it may be because of the reason why the lanky, pink-nosed man was created. He was born into the Mushroom Kingdom for the sole purpose of supporting Wario.

In 2000, developers were designing Mario Tennis for Nintendo 64 when they realized that there were not enough human characters in the game to match everyone up for doubles matches.

Mario had a lifelong partner in Luigi, but his arch-nemesis, Wario was left out, abandoned, and hung to dry. Therefore, Nintendo decided to add another menacing character that was a reverse of Luigi to help Wario on his crusade against the Mario Brothers.

Thus, Waluigi was born – and ever since his birth, Waluigi has been wrecking havoc alongside his partner Wario.

14 The Upside-Down "L" on His Hat is a Greek Gamma

Header Waluigi Banner

Since Wario is the doppelgänger polar-opposite of Luigi, many people assume that the symbol on his purple hat is an upside-down L. However, Nintendo was much more creative than that.

Doppelgängers were historically symbolized in folklore and legends as bad omens or the personification of evil. Therefore, it makes sense that Nintendo not only made the symbol on Waluigi’s hat look like an upside-down “L” but also the Greek letter gamma.

In probability, gamma is used to denote the chance of events happening at certain intervals-- it is essentially a measure of uncertainty and volatility. This uncertainty and volatility actually describes Waluigi’s character and the way he lives his life.

Based on the gamma theory, Waluigi is Luigi’s doppelgänger bent on spreading chaos, evil, and instability to Luigi and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom. Gamma is also the third letter in the Greek alphabet, which represents why Waluigi has the upside-down L on his hat – L is the third letter in his name.

13 His Name Means "Bad Luigi" or Sadistic and Cruel

Although some people think Waluigi’s name comes from him saying “wahhh Luigi,” it actually has Japanese roots. Waluigi’s name is actually a combination of the name “Luigi” and the Japanese word “warui." Warui means bad, so translated into Japanese, Waluigi literally means “Bad Luigi." This further illustrates Waluigi’s role as Luigi’s evil twin or doppelgänger.

In Japanese, Waluigi is actually known as “Waruīji," which is an anagram for the Japanese word “ijiwaru.” Ijiwaru has several meanings to include mean-spirited, evil, sadistic, vicious, and cruel.

Ultimately, Waluigi is the epitome of evil and these characteristics can even be seen lurking within his name. No wonder he’s so cranky and spiteful all the time – the poor lad was simply living up to the name he was born with.

12 He's More of an Outsider Than We Think

Waluigi is always left out of the reindeer games, but maybe this is because he’s more of an outsider than we think.

The purple-loving man was created for Nintendo 64’s Mario Tennis in 2002. However, he wasn’t created by a Nintendo employee like the other Mario Universe characters. Instead, he was developed by Fumihide Aoki, an employee at Camelot, the software company that worked with Nintendo on Mario Tennis games.

Aoki was the one that decided to create a character that as a doubles partner for Wario and a rival to Luigi. He then consulted with Shigeru Miyamoto to help with the design.

Waluigi is the only character who wasn’t brought into Mushroom Kingdom by the mothership Nintendo and is instead "Straight Outta Camelot." Therefore, he is treated the like the runt of the litter or the adopted child compared to the rest of the Mario characters.

11 His Voice Actor Says Self Pity is the Inspiration for His Voice

Waluigi is voiced by Charles Martinet, who you should know if you’re a fan of the Mario Universe. Martinet voices almost every male character in the Mushroom Kingdom, including Mario, Luigi, Wario, Donkey Kong, and Baby Mario. However, he loves playing Waluigi.

In an interview with Kombo, Martinet said “I think he’s hilariously funny. I love that (in Waluigi’s voice) ‘Hey, take that, Mr. Eyeball-guy! Hah-haaah’… I just, I love that stuff. I think he’s tremendously funny and silly and ridiculous.”

The voice actor even revealed that his inspiration for voicing Waluigi is self-pity. He continued to say, “Wario, to me, is like jealous. That’s his cornerstone emotion. And Waluigi? It’s self-pity, you know? So you have a different resonance that comes from that sort of energy, that you know (in Waluigi’s voice) ‘Waaaaaah! The frustration!’”

10 He has Really Strong Legs

Waluigi is a lanky fellow with really long legs. However, although they look pretty skinny, those legs pack a punch. Waluigi has the strongest legs out of all four plumbers – Mario, Luigi, Wario, and himself – and this is seen through many video games.

In Mario Party 3, Waluigi defeats the all mighty Bowser with one fatal swift kick. If that wasn’t enough to convince you of his leg power, check out his drop kick in Mario Strikers.

Then there’s his powerful kick stomp that is featured in Super Smash Brothers. One stomp from him and little Luigi would be left in the ground, vulnerable to further attacks. His legs also allow him to ground pound and break blocks as big as him. With the mighty power of his legs, he is able to survive a fall from an airship without a scratch, as seen in Mario Strikers Charged.

9 He Has His Own Poem

Even though Waluigi isn’t as popular as the other Mario characters, he is idolized by one nine-year old in Canada. In 2012, Sam Daly, a fourth-grade student in Canada wrote about his favorite dastardly villain and entered the poem into a national writing contest. He was named one of nine winners and now the poem lives in infamy.

Called Ode to Waluigi, the poem features lines such as “Why dost thou not have thy own video fame? Art thou enraged that thou dost not have one? Why dost thou fight the Mario brothers?” and “Why art thou always cranky? Art thy purple knickers in a knot?”

The poem has been spread all across the gaming world and would even move the wicked Waluigi to tears.

8 He Has Many Fan-Made Games

Walugi’s fans realize that they are few in number and if they want to own any Waluigi items, they’re going to have to make it themselves. This is why Waluigi has a lot of fan art, and even his own fan-made games.

One of the most popular of these fan games is called Psycho Luigi. The platformer, developed by Thunder Dragon, founder of the Mario Fan Games Galaxy website, follows a twisted plot through thirty different kingdoms.

According to the site, “After suffering a massive bump to the head, Waluigi wakes up in a strange, new land… only to discover that he now has psychic powers!”

There are also other fan-made games called Waluigi Land and Waluigi World. There’s even a Rom hack that allows you to play as Waluigi in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

7 His Unrequited Love For Daisy

The Mario Brothers have everything – even girls. However, Waluigi wants his chance at the girls, and in fact, has his eyes set on one in particular.

In the official Mario Party 4 guide, it vividly states that Waluigi has a crush on Daisy and that his love is never returned. Then, in Mario Party 5 and Mario Party 6, their team name is labeled as “Awkward Date” because Daisy can never love him back.

The bad chemistry between the two can also be seen in Fortune Street. When Daisy lands on Waluigi’s average shops, she says “Why did I have to stop here? Not only is it overpriced, it’s run by Waluigi! Icky icky ew!” Poor Waluigi – seems like he is programmed to never find love.

During development of Waluigi, someone pitched the idea of creating a Warui version of Princess Daisy. However, Shigeru Miyamoto dismissed the idea, and sadly left Waluigi forever alone.

6 What is His Relationship to Wario?

What exactly is Waluigi’s relationship to Wario? Since Waluigi seemed to have just poofed into the Mushroom Kingdom, it has been hard for fans to pinpoint exactly how they met and what the nature of their relationship is.

Some people suggest that the two could be brothers, much like their doppelgängers Mario and Luigi, and according to some, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games suggests that the two are actually cousins – but how much do you look like your cousin?

Then there’s the theory that Waluigi is a robot that Wario created to be his doubles partner because he had no one else. This theory was started because Waluigi’s eyes would flash red for a second whenever he won a round in Mario Tennis.

However, according to their voice actor, Charles Martinet, they’re just friends. He said, “I think they’re just two nice, evil guys who found each other.” This though has not dismissed the theory that the two are more than friends, but actually lovers.

5 His First and Only Solo Mission Without Wario was Mario Tennis for Game Boy Advance

Waluigi Tennis Ready

Waluigi was created for the sole purpose of being Wario’s sidekick. They are featured together in many games ever since their debut together in Mario Tennis. However, Waluigi has had his own solo mission without his partner.

In 2005, Mario Tennis: Power Tour was released for Game Boy Advance as the fifth installment of the Mario Tennis series. The game features 36 playable characters and is the first and only game where Waluigi has appeared without Wario.

Although Waluigi got to conduct his own solo mission against the Mario Brothers, Wario’s voice can be heard in the game’s intro which suggests he wasn’t far away.

Wario let his partner try his hand at one game without his help, but apparently Waluigi did not do well enough because from then on, he was never to be seen without his trusty sidekick.

4 He Has Water Abilities

Mario controls the element of fire while Luigi controls the element of electricity. Since Waluigi is Luigi’s anti-doppelgänger, his element is water. In fact, he is somewhat of a mystical water-bender.

Waluigi has the ability to summon a giant mass of water out of nowhere and swim through the air. This can be seen in Mario Power Tennis and Mario Hoops 3-on-3 where Waluigi uses the power to swim towards the ball in order to score.

The wicked Waluigi has a love of swimming and it’s unclear where he got it from or how he is able to defy the laws of gravity. Other characters in the Mushroom Kingdom such as Mario cannot bend the elements to their will without the use of an item.

For example, Mario can’t shoot fireballs without first obtaining a flower. However, it seems as though Waluigi can manipulate his element at his own choosing. Does this mean that Waluigi isn’t completely human?

3 He Has Been in Over 40 Games But Has Never Had His Own

Ever since his debut in Mario Tennis, Waluigi has gone on to appear in over forty video games. However, he has never been featured in his own video game. The lanky villain is always in the background rather than stepping up to take centerstage.

Waluigi has held major roles as the main villain in two video games: Mario Party 3 and Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. However, may fans believe this is not enough. Princess Peach and Wario have starred in their own video games, so why can’t Waluigi?

Many people, including Waluigi’s voice actor, Charles Martinet, are rooting for the fashionably purple man to star in his own game. Martinet said “I’d love to see a Waluigi game where you have to cheat to win, ya know. That would be funny.”

2 He Doesn't Have An Origin, But One Story Says He Was Tortured

Waluigi doesn’t really have an origin story. Hence no one really knows how he ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom. However, one creepy story suggests that he was tortured by Wario.

In “Wario’s Warehouse,” a series of articles that were posted on Nintendo of Europe’s website from 2001 to 2003, Wario strapped Waluigi into medieval torture racks so that he could stretch him out and make him taller. This in essence, was to make Waluigi’s design more like an exaggerated version of Luigi, since Wario is an exaggerated form of Mario.

Waluigi’s design has also been related to Foreman Spike, the main villain from the Nintendo game, Wrecking Crew. Foreman Spike resembles Waluigi after he was redesigned and even bears the same passion for the color purple. Waluigi even has a crane kart in Mario Kart that resembles Foreman Spike's crane.

1 He Is the Best Dancer In the Mushroom Kingdom

Waluigi’s best ability is the ability to feel the music. He is Mushroom Kingdom’s best dancer. Throughout various Nintendo games, Waluigi can be seen showcasing his dance moves.

In Mario Golf Toadstool Tour, he pulls out some great moves from the King of Pop himself. As soon as he scores an Eagle, Waluigi breaks out some of Michael Jackson’s dances and kills it.

He is also the main villain in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix simply because no one else can match his incredible dancing skills. The dastardly scoundrel can even be spotted hitting the dab in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

Waluigi’s dance moves are so good that they even have hypnotic abilities. Who else has that kind of power?


Are you aware of any other secrets about Waluigi? Wah-e want to know, so tell us in the comment section!

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