What To Expect From Marianne Season 2

Netflix Marianne Season 2

Netflix's spooky French horror series Marianne ends with a chilling cliffhanger, but it's currently unclear whether or not there'll be a season 2. Created and directed by Samuel Bodin, the first season of Marianne released in September 2019, and was written by Bodin and Quoc Dang Tran.

French actress Victoire Du Bois (Call Me by Your Name) stars in Marianne as horror novelist Emma Larsimon, who achieved fame and success by writing about her nightmares of an evil witch called Marianne. The past comes back to haunt Emma, literally and figuratively, and the season 1 finale suggests that there's more darkness still to come. Marianne season 1 consists of eight episodes, and the horror series features Lucie Boujenah (24 Days), Tiphaine Daviot (Netflix’s Black Spot), and Ralph Amoussou (Missions) in supporting roles.

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Word of mouth has helped Marianne to become popular even outside of French-speaking countries, with horror fans always eager to find something new and scary to watch. With season 1's story wrapped up but clear potential for the story to continue, here's what we know so far about Marianne season 2.

Marianne Season 2 Renewal

Marianne Season 1 Netflix

Netflix hasn’t yet ordered Marianne season 2, but that's not unusual given that the streaming platform usually waits anything from a few weeks to a couple of months to gauge a show's popularity before deciding to renew. If Netflix does choose to move forward with Marianne season 2, the news will most likely be announced by Halloween 2019. Marianne season 1 was one of 11 foreign language series that Netflix released during the summer of 2019, with the most recent being the experimental series Criminal. As of now, the following have been renewed: Family Business (French), The Chosen One (Portugese), and The Naked Director (Japanese).

Marianne Season 2 Release Date Info

Marianne Season 1 Netflix

If Netflix orders Marianne season 2 fairly soon, production will most likely begin in 2020. Given the vast amount of new foreign language series that Netflix has invested in during the past years, it’s difficult to gauge if Marianne season 2 will be prioritized for a 2020 release. For context, however, popular Spanish teen drama series Elite returned within a year of the series' debut. If given the green light, Marianne season 2 will most likely release in late 2020 or early 2021.

Marianne Season 2 Story Details

Marianne Season 1 Netflix

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Marianne season 1.

Marianne season 1 ends with numerous problems for Emma. First, she raises Marianne from her grave and meets a meets a more humanized version, who aggressively urges the writer to travel to the coast with her. “The writer and the witch, it has been written for a long time,” Marianne says, “We need to see the dark man.” With some help from her old friend Aurore, Emma finds the strength to reject Marianne’s offer, and a priest sacrifices his own life to burn Marianne's remains, finally putting the evil witch to rest.

As Emma gets ready to leave Elden, however, she gets a nasty surprise. She visits old flame Séby, wanting to get closure on a one night stand that they had, only for Séby to tell her that they've never slept together. The man she spent the night with was actually Marianne's demon husband, Beleth, disguised as Séby. Emma takes a pregnancy test, which comes back positive, implying that she's been impregnated with some kind of unholy spawn. Marianne season 2 would presumably see Emma contending with a Rosemary's Baby-like situation, figuring out what to do about her half-demon baby.

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