Margot Robbie Says DC Producers Need to Enable the Vision of the Director

David Ayer and Margot Robbie Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie says that DC film producers need to trust the vision of the directors they hire. Kicking off her career in 2008 in her native Australia, Robbie rose to prominence in Hollywood with an impressive supporting turn opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in director Martin Scorsese's biographical crime drama The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013, a role that quickly led to more high profile roles in such films as the Will Smith conman drama Focus in 2015, and later that year a memorable cameo as herself in the true-life, Best Picture Oscar-nominated comedy-drama The Big Short.

But it was Robbie's acclaimed performance as the the unhinged DC icon Harley Quinn in 2016's supervillain blockbuster Suicide Squad that catapulted the actress to superstardom, opening up huge opportunities to not only star in more films like the wild new Tonya Hardy biopic I, Tonya, but to produce the film as well.

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Now, with awards season attention surrounding I, Tonya before the Craig Gillespie-directed film opens in limited release domestically on December 8, Robbie is busy on the interview circuit talking about her dual role on the film. Naturally, with Suicide Squad being an important part of Robbie's career with the reprisal of the character set in 2019's Suicide Squad 2, as well as the unofficially titled Harley Quinn & The Joker movie, a solo Harley Quinn spinoff movie (which she is producing) and Gotham City Sirens, which is still in development, talk of her involvement in the DC Extended Universe appears to be something that Robbie is always game to engage in.

In an interview for I, Tonya for Metro USA, Robbie started talking about her responsibilities as a producer on the film when the answer segued into what she appears to believe to be a huge shortcoming with DC films when it comes to honoring a director's vision. She says:

“The most important thing as a producer is it’s your job when you pick your director to stand by your director... You can’t stand by your director and second guess everything. There are times when you step in and debate a certain situation. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned.”

“In my opinion a good producer trusts their director, and their job is to enable that director’s vision. That’s it. That’s your job. If that’s your director’s vision you need to do everything in your power to make that possible. And I think that’s a wonderful thing.”

“In the DC Universe, too, once you decide on who your director is, and they have a vision, you have to enable that vision and step in at moments to keep it on course if need be. I think that’s the way. I think that’s what a producer should do.”

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

While she's not exactly taking a direct shot at DC Films, or to a larger degree, Warner Bros., its easy to speculate that her observation about the lack of directorial trust from the upper echelon extends from her experience on Suicide Squad, which was directed by David Ayer. While Ayer is still involved with the DCEU with Gotham City Sirens, there's no doubt a reason that Ayer declined to direct the sequel (which is now expected to be directed by Gavin O'Connor), and perhaps Robbie is alluding to the reasons for it with her comments about enabling a director's vision.

True, Suicide Squad scored a massive tally of $325.1 million domestically and $420.5 million overseas for an impressive global haul of $745.6 million, yet at the same time the film was obliterated by critics with a lowly 26 percent "rotten" rating by critic aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. That's the sort of reception that directors like Ayer will feel snakebitten by, and his decision to walk away from what promises to be a highly lucrative sequel can't help but make one wonder if he wasn't entirely happy (even though he just praised the experience) with the way the final product turned out, and what sort of roadblocks were thrown up to let him entirely see his vision through to completion.

Oddly enough, Robbie and fellow Suicide Squad cast member Jai Courtney told Screen Rant that Ayer had 'total control' during a set visit while the film was still in production, perhaps something happened between point B and C on the film that circumvented that control. If anything, given Robbie's rising star and her involvement again with Ayer in Gotham City Sirens, perhaps Ayer's vision will be more enabled by the higher-ups to create a film that both the star and helmer will be completely happy with.

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Source: Metro USA

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