Marc Guggenheim Leaving FlashForward

ABC's new Lost-esque mystery TV series, FlashForward - about a global blackout lasting 2 minutes and 17 seconds, in which time the entire human race gets a vision of their future six months ahead - has been impressive so far. The initial high concept is a whopper, enough (evidently) to bring in 12.4 million viewers for its pilot last month. And ABC is obviously confident in the series with the recent news that it has (thankfully) been picked up for a full first season.

Oh, if only things were as rosy as the ratings make them look... But don't worry, FlashFoward hasn't been suddenly canceled or anything of that sort! Put those pitch forks away, people! The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that one of FlashForward's main players - co-showrunner and executive producer Marc Guggenheim (Eli Stone) - is stepping away from the series, leaving the job solely to the show's other showrunner and executive producer, David S. Goyer.

The move follows a similar switch-up at another new ABC show, The Good Wife, when showrunner and exec producer Dee Johnson departed the show, handing it over to co-creators and exec producers Michelle and Robert King.

Ain't It Cool News reports that the reasons for Guggenheim's departure from FlashFoward remain "muddy", but evidence seems to suggest that execs were unhappy with, "the quality of the show's post-pilot storytelling." The ratings have dropped from 4.1 at the premiere to 3.1 at its fourth episode. However, THR's report says that Guggenheim was brought on post-pilot to, essentially, mentor Goyer who has limited TV experience. As stated, Goyer will go it solo for at least the rest of FlashForward's first season.

THR says that Guggenheim will focus on development with ABC under his overall deal with them. I'm assuming that means he'll be working on other ABC shows, and won't be (directly) involved with FlashForward, but you never know...

So this "Guggenheim leaving FlashForward" news is not really cause for as much (if any) alarm; Sounds to me like he was just brought in to help show Goyer the ropes, and now that Goyer knows them pretty well, Guggenheim has stepped away to let him do his thing. Simple enough to understand.

What do you think of Marc Guggenheim stepping away from ABC's FlashForward? Have you been following the show? And if so, has it been living up to its initial promise or has it gone downhill?

Episode 5 of FlashForward's first season - entitled "Gimme Some Truth" - airs on ABC tomorrow, Thursday, October 22nd @ 9:00pm.

Sources: THR and AICN

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