Manifest: Who Was Shot In The Season 1 Finale?

Manifest Season 1 Zeke and Michaela

The Manifest season 1 finale ended with a bang when one of the show's main characters was shot - but who was it? Manifest season 2, which will air in spring 2020, will reveal what really happened in that pivotal moment. Until then, the identity of the character who was shot will remain a mystery.

NBC's Manifest focuses on the lives of several airline passengers whose flight mysteriously landed five years after takeoff. The passengers are forced to confront the reality of everything that happened in the five years that they've been gone. A few of the passengers, such as Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), her brother Ben (Josh Dallas), and Saanvi (Parveen Kaur), are swept up in a conspiracy surrounding a secret organization with their own plans for the passengers. At the same time, the passengers must deal with a shared ability that they all possess but have yet to understand, known "The Callings".

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In the second half of the season, Michaela discovers that she shares a strange connection to Zeke (Matt Long), a man who disappeared and reappeared some time later, just like the airline passengers. When Michaela's ex-boyfriend and ally, Jared (J.R. Ramirez), learns about Zeke, he grows jealous and wants Zeke out of Michaela's life. In the Manifest season 1 finale, the two have a confrontation involving a gun in Michaela's apartment. When Michaela walks in, a shot is heard. Manifest showrunner Jeff Rake has confirmed that the "bullet did not hit the ceiling" (via Herald News), which strongly implies that one of the three characters was shot - and may even be dead.


Jared's character took a huge turn in the back half of Manifest season 1, especially when Zeke exploded onto the scene. As the season wore on, Jared became increasingly paranoid, jealous, and unreasonable, which is one reason why his relationship with Michaela was suffering. If Manifest is looking to make Zeke Michaela's main love interest in season 2, then the season 1 finale could very well have been the end of Jared. Also, Jared's death would provide an interesting complication for Michaela's budding friendship with Zeke.


Matt Long's Zeke was only a recurring character in Manifest season 1, and wasn't as important to the show as Michaela or Jared. But, the last few episodes of the season raised a whole new mystery with Zeke and his unexplained connection to Michaela. Michaela experienced Callings earlier in the season that led her straight to Zeke. Due to this, Michaela believes that he's important somehow. It would seem extremely odd if Zeke's story ended before this mystery could be fully explored.


There's an expression of surprise on Michaela's face when the gun goes off. Or, is Michaela in pain because she was the one who was shot? Though Zeke and Jared were only attacking each other, it is possible that an accident occurred when they were both fighting for the gun. Of course, it's unlikely that Manifest is killing off its main character, but if it was Michaela was shot, it could force Zeke and Jared to temporarily put aside their differences and quickly get her some help.

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