Manifest Gets Full Season Order From NBC

Manifest NBC

NBC has given a full season order to drama mystery TV show Manifest. The series tells the story of a group of passengers on an airliner that returns from a seemingly normal flight to discover they were gone for five years. The passengers - and the U.S. government - are determined to get to the bottom of what happened while an unknown, deadly force works to keep those secrets buried.

Manifest stars Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, a cop who was onboard Flight 828 with her brother Ben (Josh Dallas) when it mysteriously vanished and reappeared five years later. Michaela, Ben, and other passengers and crew members come to discover that their families and friends have moved on with their lives. Michaela and Ben try to reconnect with their loved ones while struggling to understand the mystery behind Flight 828's disappearance. Also, the passengers seem to have developed a strange sort of psychic connection to one another that none of them are been able to explain.

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NBC has confirmed that they've picked up a full season of Manifest by extending its episode count from 13 to 16. The series, which premiered on September 24th, has only aired four episodes so far. After a week of delayed viewing, the series premiere managed to go up from 10.4 million viewers to an impressive 18.4 million. Manifest has a 1.8 average in the prized 18-49 demographic, and is averaging 8.4 million viewers in same day ratings. Manifest is the fourth TV series in the fall season to receive an extended season order. The other three are CBS' FBI, NBC's New Amsterdam, and ABC's Single Parents.

Melissa Roxburg Josh Dallas in Manifest NBC

So far, Manifest is proving to be a success for the network. Since before the series even aired, the show has caused many to compare it to the island mystery series Lost, which was a monster hit on ABC that aired from 2004 to 2010. For its unique and diverse cast of characters and ability to build deep and intriguing mysteries, Lost was extremely popular during its six season run.

Since the series ended, other networks have attempted to replicate the formula that made Lost such a massive success. However, few shows have managed to fill the void left by Lost. Naturally, NBC is hoping that Manifest will become the new Lost by establishing its own cast of beloved characters and setting up its own mysteries that will fascinate viewers and draw them in each week to learn more.

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Manifest continues Monday, October 22nd on NBC.

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