What To Expect From Manifest In 2019

Update: Here's What To Expect From Manifest Season 2.

NBC's Manifest season 1 midseason finale has now aired, leaving fans to wonder when the show will return with its midseason premiere in 2019. The Manifest midseason premiere, "Dead Reckoning," sees Ben (Josh Dallas) Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), and Vance (Daryl Edwards) continue their search for the missing passengers from Flight 828 who were abducted by the government.

Manifest tells the story of a group of passengers whose plane returned from its flight five years after it originally took off. Unaffected by the passing of time, the passengers struggle to return to their lives as the people they cared about have changed and moved on. The series focuses on Ben and Michaela as they adjust to their new normal and try to get to the bottom of what really happened to Flight 828.

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Along the way, they hear strange voices and experience visions that none of them have been able to understand. Meanwhile, the government is secretly involved in hiding and experimenting on some of the passengers - and one of them has an unusual psychic connection with Ben's son, Cal. All of this has been at the center of Manifest season 1, and will continue well into 2019.

NBC's Manifest Returns in 2019

Melissa Roxburgh Josh Dallas and Jack Messina in Manifest NBC

Manifest season 1 midseason premiere airs on January 7, which falls in line with broadcast networks' usual midseason schedules. That way, audiences will be back from the holiday break and can start watching the back-half of Manifest season 1 uninterrupted.

Manifest Season 1 Has Seven Episodes Left

Josh Dallas and Jack Messina in Manifest NBC

NBC has aired nine episodes of Manifest season 1 so far, and seven more episodes are set to air in the beginning of 2019. NBC originally ordered a 13-episode season of Manifest, but after just four episodes, NBC announced in October that it was extending Manifest season 1 by three episodes, giving it a full 16-episode season to start with.

Will Manifest Be Renewed For Season 2?

Melissa Roxburg Josh Dallas in Manifest NBC

NBC may not confirm whether or not Manifest will be renewed for a second season until May when the networks host their upfront presentations for the 2019-2020 fall TV season. However, Manifest's impressive ratings so far give fans hope for a Manifest season 2. With delayed viewing, Manifest is average 15 million viewers per episode and has a 1.8 average rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic. These are strong numbers for the freshman series, and a good sign that the mystery of Flight 828 will continue for at least one more season.

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