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With Manifest season 2 happening, when will it premiere and what will the story be about? The Manifest season 1 finale left viewers with plenty of questions concerning what's next for the NBC series.

The second half of Manifest has been a ride. The midseason finale shook up the show with the reveal of a new villain known as "The Major", the rescue of the missing passengers, and the death of Vance (Daryl Edwards). The back half of season 1 introduced new problems, including two more people who mysteriously disappeared and returned, just like the passengers of Flight 828. The first was Zeke (Matt Long), a man with a troubled past and a strange connection to Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh). The second was Griffin (Mark Mechaca), a criminal who has chosen to use the callings for personal gain.

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During the Manifest season 1 finale, the callings told the passengers to "stop him" while forcing them to decipher the meaning of the message on their own. It was assumed that the person they were supposed to stop was Griffin, who was planning on making the callings public. Before Zeke could step in and shoot him, Griffin suddenly died, leading Ben (Josh Dallas) and the others to learn that everyone who returned was living on borrowed time. Meanwhile, Jared (J.R. Ramirez) grew suspicious of Zeke and went to confront him in Michaela's apartment. Their argument escalated until the two started fighting for Zeke's gun. Manifest's season premiere ended when Michaela entered the room and a shot was fired.

Last updated: June 18, 2019

Manifest Season 2 Renewal

Melissa Roxburgh Josh Dallas and Jack Messina in Manifest NBC

Ever since the show premiered, Manifest has performed well in the ratings. It was for this reason that NBC extended Manifest's original 13-episode count to 16 episodes. Based on the show's numbers, and despite those ratings dipping towards the end of season 1, NBC understood the story was popular enough to order Manifest season 2. NBC officially announced Manifest season 2 in mid-April.

Manifest Season 2 Premiere Date

Now that Manifest season 2 is indeed happening, it was reasonable to assume that the series will return in the fall of 2019. However, it seems that NBC is holding the series back for the midseason. Instead of returning in September, Manifest season 2 now appears to be premiering sometime in January 2020, as it was missing from NBC's fall line-up.

Manifest Season 2 Story Details

Griffin's death in the season finale was an important moment that will fundamentally affect the storyline of Manifest season 2. The idea that the Flight 828 passengers will all die on June 2, 2024 is a frightening notion that will likely have some level of impact on every character on the show. This revelation will become everyone's most pressing problem. It's been confirmed by Manifest showrunner Jeff Rake that how people will react to this news will factor heavily into season 2. Since the passengers were apparently only given back the time they had left, this means that Zeke has even less time to live. Zeke was only gone one year, so his time could be up at some point in Manifest season 2, unless Ben and Michaela find a way to change their fate.

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